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It is absurd for many of us to imagine that we could buy a pony ride, ten minutes of parking time, three jawbreakers for an afternoon of bliss, or perform repairs with a penny. We can’t imagine it, but many of our older generation can. In fact, they do not have to imagine, they remember.

Drawing on her experiences, interviews with various age groups and research, Harris recounts stories of the Canadian penny that are both heartwarmingly nostalgic and pragmatic. little copper pennies weaves symbolism and creativity alongside actual settings in portraying the adventures of the eliminated coin and its once-upon-a-time worth in trade and pastimes, especially as it affects the older generation, cash users, sentimentalists and children.

Yet this book is more than adventures and tales. It is a legacy with a message. Through the memories, debates and facts, the author not only hones in the riches-to-rags life of the penny steeped in Canadian history, her experience as a school teacher also motivates us to acquire knowledge, remember and to educate the new generations of the little coin’s power.

You’ll be moved by the stories, conveyed to the past, and inspired to appreciate the penny through new eyes. See more under Books



Dear Friend,

Do you want to dream again? You and I were born to dream because God placed dreams in us before we were born. God loves you and in the Bible He affirms your worth. Jesus wants a personal relationship with you, because Dear Friend, you are valued. Through my speaking and writing I want to encourage you to live God’s ultimate plan for your life. It is my passion. It is my dream.


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   Fresh and relevant, Susan has inspired men, women and teens with the Word of God from a young age. In her book Golden Apples in Silver Settings she shares that legacy in 20 chapters and fulfills her own dream of writing. Her delightful style has enthralled listeners and sound doctrines have fortified faith. God’s Word has identical power in the past, present and future, and it is her hope that this book will catalyze change for you.

With brilliant images and real life applications, Susan takes the reader on a journey that is empowering and practical. Be transported in these pages to towns, cities and islands, in silver settings of Canada and the Caribbean (no visa required.) Peek into churches or slip away to retreats, and be energized with truth as timeless as golden apples. Read, dream and make it happen.


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