Have you ever taken a loan or mortgage? Did it appear that it was taking forever to repay? During the repayment period, did your best friend redo her living room while yours looked shabbier than ever? Did you wish for the end to come so that you could splurge again? At long last the loan has been paid and you are debt free. You feel exhilarated and weightless like a bird in flight. It is rejoicing time.

Good Friday is a time of celebration because Christians have been emancipated. The price on our heads was death and we should have been on a cross. Nearly two thousand years ago, a lonely, solitary man stood in agony, betrayed in a garden called Gethsemane. Later that day He staggered to a place called Golgotha, outside Jerusalem on a public road, where He traded places with us so that we could be free. Consequently, you do not have to pay mortgage to sin, no more interest, no more refinancing, no more negotiating, no more threat or repossession hang over your head, because Good Friday is a day of celebration. It is not a day of sadness but one of jubilation because your debt was paid in full. It is emancipation time, I am free and you are free.

Teacup Object Lesson

I filled a teacup with loose paper and held it upside down so that the paper fell off easily. Then I filled it again, this time pressing the paper in tightly until the cup was filled. I held it upside down and the paper did not fall because it was tightly wedged, illustrating the deep tight pain that some hold on to in their hearts.

Dear Friend, what is your cup filled with?

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