Yearly Archives: 2011

When Hope Calls


1 Timothy 1:1 calls Jesus our Hope. One day Moses was looking after the sheep at Mt. Horeb when he heard his name “Moses, Moses.” Hope called for the release of the Israelite nation from slavery. A man with a past of … Continue reading

Reason for the Season


Luke chapter 2 accounts that one night, shepherds were tending their sheep when the angel of the Lord appeared and told them to ‘Fear not’ because  Jesus was born. He will bear their sins, He will be their friend, He … Continue reading

The Solid Rock


The ageless hymn reminds us so gently, “In times like these you need a Saviour, In times like these you need an anchor. Be very sure, be very sure, your anchor holds and grip the SOLID ROCK. Dear Friend, Jesus … Continue reading

The Hands of God


The hands of God hold you today. The powerful hands that wrote the 10 commandments in stone. The mighty hands that shake the mountains. The gentle hands that shaped Adam out of clay and then tenderly formed Eve’s perfect curves. … Continue reading

Hello world!


Dear Friend, God’s Word has identical power in the past, present and future. Words spoken fitly once are words spoken fitly forever, because God’s Word does not change. When these messages were spoken, it catalyzed change in many listeners, and … Continue reading