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Review on Little Copper Pennies for the classroom


This little book is an easy read. Chalk full of fascinating stories of people and all the ways that the penny has come to influence their lives. In terms of children school book clubs it is the perfect piece.  Each … Continue reading

Author Susan Harris visits HMK

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Writer Susan Harris of Melville, Saskatchewan stopped in at HMK for the morning of November 7 to talk about her books.  Susan was on her way to the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg to pick up a load of shiny, … Continue reading

Random Acts of Selflessness


We are familiar with the phrase “random acts of kindness” and the accompanying actions done for others without looking for reciprocation. The satisfaction gained from doing a kind deed, helping someone unasked, or seeking out someone in need, brings unmatched … Continue reading

Melville author’s book celebrates history of the penny (newsclip)


A Melville author is looking to keep the history of the Canadian penny alive. Susan Harris spoke to students at St. Henry’s Elementary Junior School last Monday on her new book Little Copper Pennies: Celebrating the life of the Canadian … Continue reading

Stewardship vs Hoarding

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Last night (October 4) I felt the Lord was leading me to thoughts of stewardship and unselfishness. Particularly that any wealth or finances I may accrue above what is required for my regular bills and savings, should not be hoarded. … Continue reading

An Unshakeable Decision


The heroine Ruth in the Bible made an unshakeable decision, and each aspect of it was more progressive than before. This was her decision to Naomi: Your people will be my people, Your God will be my God, Where you … Continue reading

Tomato Trees


Some call it a plant some a tree, but all that I care is that they are tomatoes. In June I purchased six seedlings from Walmart. You probably know those black, rectangular plastic squares that have compartments for six small … Continue reading

Dropping Pennies


(An excerp from my new book) Walking to the microwave where two pennies lay on top, the thirty-two year old woman picked one up and blew off the dust. It was Copper and its year said 1959. “Missions.” she said … Continue reading

God keeps the Night Watch for You


George Young was a carpenter and pastor who spent most of his life in small farming communities. He did not make much money in either profession, but finally was able to build a house. Not long after, he and his … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Giveaway

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Happy, Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers – birth mom, grand moms, spiritual moms, foster moms, adopted moms, single moms, married moms, step moms. To celebrate you, I’d like to give away 5 copies of my ebook, Golden Apples in … Continue reading