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Does God know Our Thoughts?

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It was not the afternoon I was anticipating. Inching back to school after lunch, I perspired freely in my black Nissan in the blistering tropical heat of 36°C. The air condition unit had broken down and I was not looking … Continue reading

After 22 Years

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It’s 22 years old and has been with me for more than half of my life. I saw it daily. Made contact with it faithfully. It travelled with me from Trinidad, to Ontario, to Alberta, and to Sakatchewan. It went … Continue reading

Greater love has no woman than she who picks up a dolly for her husband.

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Yesterday a man approached me and pointed to my side, “You missed a loop in threading your belt.” His tone was courteous and nonchalant.  Merely stating something of which I was unconscious. A good deed to another person. Hurriedly I … Continue reading

Is there a Date for Answered Prayer?

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When my daughter was approaching her third birthday, one of her friends sent a parcel by  mail four weeks ahead of the big day. Radiance saw the gift before I could hide it so I laid it in full view … Continue reading

Whipper-snipper Power

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I’m the yard boy at home. For both houses. Could have been for two homes and a fraction, until the sighting of a snake while whipper-snipping promptly ended the fraction at the farm. But there is one interesting feature with … Continue reading

“Little Copper Pennies” author Susan Harris Visits FM Via Skype!

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“Little Copper Pennies” author Susan Harris Visits FM Via Skype! With the Royal Canadian Mint ceasing distribution of the Canadian penny in February this year, student interest in the Canadian penny has spiked here at Florence Meares. A few months … Continue reading

Whose DNA do you carry?


Love your eye colour? Maybe it’s blue, green, or brown like mine’s? Whether it’s your nicest feature or that unflattering quirky “something” that you dislike about yourself, there’s no doubt that you’ve inherited features, traits and characteristics that are rooted … Continue reading

Book Review on Little Copper Pennies by Reviewer Bonnie Way

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Today, the Royal Canadian Mint will distribute its last load of pennies to banks across Canada.  After that, pennies will remain legal Canadian tender and businesses/banks will continue to accept them, but most cash transactions will be rounded up to … Continue reading

Penny Books on “Esterhazy Online” by Kenneth Kerr


By now we all know that the penny is on the way out. But how many of us would have thought to write a book about it? Melville resident, Susan Harris not only thought about it, she moved into action … Continue reading

Eulogy for the Canadian Penny (1858-2013)

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The Eulogy  Dear Canada and Friends, Many of us struggle with mixed emotions before the face of extinction. Extinction brought through the decision to rid the life of the one-cent piece. For a large number, their appreciation has slowly given … Continue reading