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The Case for Xmas

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Our Sunday School Christmas concerts in Trinidad were highly anticipated events that drew large audiences annually. The merrily-decorated church was packed year after year with members and well wishers who came out to enjoy the songs, poems and drama presented … Continue reading

How Not To Kidnap A Cat

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 From idyllic island to metropolitan cities to rural farm. From squishing sand with toes, to  squeezing into pumps, to skirting squelchy mud in boots. Oceans blue tipped with foamy white. Streets buzzing with lights and life. Expanses of serene space. … Continue reading

Near-death Experiences caused by Pain

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No two people process pain the same way. Each person’s tolerance to pain varies. By “tolerance” I refer to the maximum pain an individual is able to endure before taking evasive actions. Because of these variances, the Pain Scale was … Continue reading

What is God’s gender?

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When a friend responded to one of my posts on social media, “What if God is a ‘she’ and not a ‘he’?” I decided to write this blog. Pronouns assigned to God has traditionally been masculine, perhaps drawn in the … Continue reading

Two Injunctions

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Today is my birthday and I will not be on social media. Unlike birthdays gone, I want it simple. Quiet. For the first time my timeline on Facebook is closed. When I chose the theme of God’s Direct Words for … Continue reading

The Shadow

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“You need Home Care.” My OB/GYN’s tone was urgent and he picked up the phone to arrange for a nurse to come to our address. He explained the reason for his call to the person who answered, and was placed … Continue reading

NDE Research of Dr. M. Sabom

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Ever since my near-death experience (NDE) on June 24, 2017, I have been devouring literature on NDE. In particular, I want to show that the after life in Heaven is directly linked to a relationship with Jesus Christ, through the … Continue reading

With Love to Dalip Khadaroo, “Chaser Brother”

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February 7, 1943- June 17, 2017 Christened Dalip Khadaroo, my cousin was best known by his nickname, Chaser. To us and the Putkoo children, “brother” was added, and colloquially the names morphed into Chaser Brother. This affectionate title was derived … Continue reading

Remembering Asha

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Asha Dhanraj-Ramdhan. Childhood friend, playfellow, classmate. Living four houses down from mine, we spent the early growing years walking, talking, eating chow and other similar important things. Those idyllic hours spent in the river, baking in the golden sun, and … Continue reading

Dear Radiance

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Dear Radiance, Your name means light. Brilliance. Charisma, your name means “gift of grace”, and “gifts of the Holy Spirit”. You are meant for more than this world. You are made for eternity. I’ve loved you forever, before you were … Continue reading