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In Memory of Mrs. Dhanraj

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 The population of Standard Road has dropped by two in one week. Today Mrs. Dhanraj passed away at age 90. (Last week it was Balliram.) I don’t know her first name as we often referred to her as her children’s … Continue reading

Balliram Sookdeo Goes to Heaven

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 The harsh wooooz on my iPhone roused me to action. Likely it was the notification of fees and other expenses I had been paying over the last few days. Quickly I voiced my morning praise “From the rising of the … Continue reading

NASA’s Tour of the Moon

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Happy New Year. As I write the Moon is 88% in waning gibbous state. (Waning means that the moon is getting smaller, and gibbous refers to the shape which is less than the complete circle of the Full Moon.) I’m beginning … Continue reading