Susan’s Upcoming Events

 SKYPE visits to schools, homes and conferences are now available. Use the Contact page if you’d like a visit. See my blog under “Author visits FM School via Skype.”


  • July 12 – TD Summer Reading Program, Hudson Bay, SK
  • June 8 – Interview at CTV, Yorkton, SK
  • June 3 – Canada 150th observation, Coles bookstore, Yorkton, SK
  • May 25 – St. Book launch, Henry’s Junior Elementary School, Melville, SK
  • May 19 – St. Henry’s Junior Elementary School, Melville, SK
  • March 17 – St. Henry’s Junior Elementary School, Melville, SK
  • March 01-31 – Unavailable
  • February 16 – St. Theodore School, Theodore, SK
  • January 13- St. Henry’s Junior Elementary School, Melville, SK


    • December 14 – Christian Women’s Club at 7:00 p.m., Estevan, SK
    • December 14 – Christian Women’s Club at 9:30 a.m., Fort Qu’Appelle, SK
    • December 13 – Christian Women’s Club at 1:00 p.m., Regina, SK
    • December 13 – Christian Women’s Club at 9:30 a.m., Regina, SK
    • December 4 – Tis the Season Tradeshow, Melville, SK
    • November 1-30 – Unavailable
    • October 21- Education Week, Launch of An Alphabet of the First Christmas, St. Henry’s
    • October 19- Education Week, Launch of Christmas A to Z, Davison School, Melville
    • October 18 – Education Week, Ecole St. Michael’s, Yorkton, SK
    • October 17 – Education Week, St. Michael’s School, Yorkton, SK
    • August 17 – Christian Women’s Club at Fort Qu’Appelle, SK with SMOKEY
    • June 21 – L’alphabet a la ferme book launch at St. Henry’s School, Melville, SK
    • May 17 – P.J. Gillen School, Esterhazy, SK
    • April 11 – Grayson School, Grayson, SK
    • Mar 14 – MacLeod School, Moosomin, SK
    • Jan – Feb Unavailable


    • November – December Unavailable
    • Sep 7 – The River Gospel Outreach, Swan River, MB
    • Jul 18 – Book signing at Kasprick Auctions, RM of Saltcoats, SK
    • Mar 27 – Barr Colony School, Lloydminster, AB
    • Mar 27 – Winston Churchill School, Lloydminster, SK
    • Mar 17 – Featured Author at FriesenPress
    • Mar 4 – Miller School, Melville, SK
    • Jan 29 – Chief Gabriel Cote Education Complex, Literacy Week Book, Kamsack, SK
    • Jan 22 – Away We Grow Daycare, Melvile, SK


    • Dec 8 – Interview with CTV Yorkton
    • Dec 7 – Book signing at Tradeshow HCUC, Melville, SK
    • Dec 1 – Release of new book, Alphabet on The Farm
    • Nov 29 – Book signing at Chapters, Regina, SK
    • Nov 23 – Book signing at Coles bookstore, Yorkton, SK
    • Nov 1 – Release of Remarkably Ordinary in print
    • Oct 25 – Melville Public Library, Melville, SK
    • Aug 30 – Book signing at Coles bookstore, Yorkton, SK
    • Aug 19 – Release of Smokey’s Lockout in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Did What?
    • Aug 16- Interview with Melville Advance newspaper
    • July 25 – Interview with CTV Yorkton
    • June 12-14 – Write Canada Conference
    • May 31 – Speaker at Women’s Aglow, Yorkton
    • April 28 – Interview via P.P.S. podcast 2:00 p.m. EST
    • April 25 – Interview with CTV, Yorkton
    • April 25 – Interview with Melville Advance newspaper
    • April 8 – Release of “Remarkably Ordinary: 20 Reflections on Living Intentionally Right Where You Are
    • April – interviews on several blogs world wide
    • Feb 17 – Radio interview with Cin’s Celebrity Chats 1:00 p.m. CST
    • Feb 13 – Dr. Isman Elementary School, Wolseley High School
    • Feb 11 – Yorkton Public Library
    • Feb 4 – Interview with CTV, Yorkton
    • Jan 27-28 – Moosomin Elementary School, Rocanville School
    • Cornerstone School Division


    • Dec 7 – YDNH, Yorkton, SK
    • Dec 1 – Horizon Credit Union Bldg, Melville, SK
    • Nov 30 – Book Signing at Chapters, Regina, SK
    • Nov 23- Book Signing at Coles Bookstore, Yorkton, SK
    • Nov 18 – Book Signing at Coles Bookstore, Market Mall, Saskatoon
    • Nov 17 – Book Signing ay Robinson McNally Bookstore, Saskatoon, SK
    • Nov 16 – Book Signing at Indigo, Saskatoon, SK
    • Nov 15 – Book Signing at Coles Bookstore, Midtown Plaza, Saskatoon, SK
    • Nov 15- Interview with CTV Saskatoon Noon Show
    • Nov 8 – Interview with CTV Yorkton Noon Show with reruns up to Nov 22
    • Nov 5 – Arcola School, Arcola, SK
    • Nov 2 – SWG Fall Conference, Regina, SK
    • Oct 21  – Star City City School, Star City, SK
    • Oct 15 – Opening Library Week with Reading & Book Signing at Melville Public Library, SK
    • Sept 1 – Book signing, The Red Barn, Kenosee, SK
    • August 24 – Book signing, The Red Barn, Kenosee, SK
    • June 29 – Summer Sizzle Tradeshow, Springside, SK
    • June 28 -Teen Talk, Melville, SK
    • June 21 – Teen Talk, Melville, SK
    • June 14 – Teen Talk, Melville, SK
    • June 7 – Teen Talk, Melville, SK
    • May 31 – Teen Talk, Melville, SK
    • May 29 – Skype visit to Florence Meares School, Burlington, ON
    • May 28 – Fort Qu’Appelle Community School, SK
    • May 24 – Teen Talk, Melville, SK
    • May 17 – Teen Talk, Melville, SK
    • May 10 – Teen Talk, Melville, SK
    • May 5 – Balgonie Spring Show, Balgonie, SK
    • May 3 – Teen Talk Melville, SK
    • April 26 – Teen Talk, Melville, SK
    • April 20 – Skype interview with RFL, Toronto, ON
    • April 16 – Webinar – Women in Leadership, Toronto, ON
    • March 25- Reading for the Vertigo Series, Crave Kitchen & Wine, Regina
    • March 9 – Early Spring Craft & Trade Show, Esterhazy, SK
    • Feb 25 – Taping with Access 7 TV for the children’s show, Bookworm Corner, at Davison School, Melville, SK
    • Feb 22-23-  Workshop for Saskatchewan Home Based Educators Annual Convention, & Exhibitor Booth, Saskatoon
    • Feb 16- Book signing at Coles, Prince Albert
    • Feb 13 – Visit to Churchbridge School, SK
    • Feb 9 – Book signing at Chapters, Regina
    • Feb 4 – Live on radio with CBC Blue Sky. Call in with questions or comments (12:30 -1:00 p.m.)
    • Feb 4 – Penny Retirement Party and Book Launch – By invitation only
    • Feb 3 – Book signing at Robinson McNally Bookstore, Winnipeg, MB
    • Feb 2 – Book Signing at Chapters, St. Vital’s Centre, Winnipeg
    • Jan 28 – Book signing at Coles, Market Mall, Saskatoon
    • Jan 27 – Book signing at Indigo, Saskatoon
    • Jan 26- Book signing at Robinson McNally Bookstore, Saskatoon
    • Jan 25 – Interview on CTV Saskatoon, SK
    • Jan 25 – Promotions at Annual Book Display, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools
    • Jan 19 – Book signing at Coles Bookstore, Yorkton, SK
    • ——————————————————————
    • Dec 17 – Interview with CTV Regina, SK
    • Dec 14      – Interview with CTV Yorkton, SK
    • Dec 14 – YDNH One      Stop Christmas, Yorkton, SK
    • Dec 10-    Visit to  Grayson School, Grayson, SK
    • Dec 8 –      Book signing, Ebenezer School, SK
    • Dec 7 –      Release of “Little Copper Pennies for Kids” picture book
    • Dec 7 –      Interview with TNX Radio, Yorkton, SK
    • Dec 2 – Tis the  Season Christmas Sale, Horizon Credit Union Centre, Melville
    • Nov 17 – Book signing at Coles, Yorkton
    • Nov 16 – Interview on CTV (rerun)
    • Nov 8 – La Verendrye School, Portage la Prairie, MB
    • Nov 7 – Hazel M. Kellington School, Neepawa, MB
    • Nov 7 – J.M. Young School, Eden, MB
    • Nov 6 – Neepawa Area Collegiate Institute, Neepawa, MB
    • Oct 29 – Visit to Ecole Wilfrid Walker, Regina
    • Oct  25 – Little Copper Pennies book released in print – hurrah
    • Oct 18 – Visit to St. Mary’s School, Yorkton
    • Oct 18 – Visit to St. Paul’s Elementary School, Yorkton
    • Oct 17 – Visit to St. Alphonsus Elementary School, Yorkon
    • Oct 15 – Visit to St. Henry’s Junior School, Melville
    • Oct 15 – Interview with The Melville Advance newspaper
    • Sep 24 – Interview at The Rock 95.1 FM
    • Sep 11, 2012 – Interview on CTV, launch ebook




    Other Topics:


    What happens when women leave their native country and venture into another culture? How does one cope when the familiar is lost and the new sinks in? Where is the faith that was so effortless at home? Many women lose their confidence and question their choices when they migrate. Dear Woman, do not despair. When the Scripture declares that “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,” it provided for you to flourish in any hamlet, town or city in this wonderful world. Having crossed oceans and cultures, Susan can show you how to:

    • Preserve a relationship with God with grace in any place, and at any age or stage
    • Recognize that what you love will always be with you.
    • Walk in your destiny which cannot be thwarted
    • Live in wholeness wherever you are

    DREAM BIG (2 sessions)

    Do you want to dream again? You were born with greatness sown in you, and that greatness gives rise to dreams. “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for good and not for evil to give you a future and a hope.” Don’t have a dream? No need to worry; it is there just waiting to be noticed.  For over seven years Susan struggled with one of her biggest dreams. Then on a barren winter day, a plan divinely fell from Heaven, and she fulfilled the dream of writing her first book. Now part of her dream is empowering you to live your dream. Join Susan  as she:

    • Helps you resurrect or identify your dream
    • Practically jumpstart your dream using a worksheet
    • Empower you to live your dream as she shares her personal experiences


    As in the natural world, our spiritual life goes through seasons of change. How do you respond to change?  The one constant that never change is God….He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Friend, you can carry His presence gracefully in any season of life. Drawing on the parallels of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and throwing in the wet and dry seasons of her native Trinidad, Susan will:

    • Reveal nuggets of character that are less obvious in each season
    • Awaken your thirst for the presence of God
    • Offer practical strategies for coping with change
    • Help you smile through the seasons


    To everything there is a season, a time and a reason for being. Often it may be a season in the valley, or one on the plains, or one on the mountaintops. The beauty and experience of each is unique, as are the moments when the woman who passed there feels overwhelmed. Though she does not desire to go there again, she is stronger because she has been there. Friend, if we emulate the virtues of Ruth, we can be kept in a mode of spiritual survival through seasons of life… seasons in which we are divinely called to journey. Join Susan as she:

    • Shares personal experiences in each season
    • Challenges you to embrace the seasons
    • Empowers to stand strong in any season


    Are you tired of praying and not getting an answer? When our daughter received a birthday gift ahead of time, she had a hard time waiting for the actual day when she could open it. She knew the parcel contained something good because it was from someone who loved her. The Holy Spirit whispered a nugget of truth: Each prayer you’ve prayed is like a gift waiting to be opened and has a date on it. Friend, it could be your day. Susan invites you to open gifts through:

    • Scripture praying
    • The armour of God for battle in the spiritual realm
    • Astounding testimonies from her life
    • Grace while waiting

    More themes will be coming soon. Remember, the chapters under the “Book” tab are also themes I’ve expanded on and spoken about. I am very versatile as a speaker and teacher, and can easily work with your theme, or suggest a theme to you.  You can email me on the CONTACT page if you have questions about my speaking schedule or themes. God bless.

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