An Unshakeable Decision

The heroine Ruth in the Bible made an unshakeable decision, and each aspect of it was more progressive than before. This was her decision to Naomi:

Your people will be my people,

Your God will be my God,

Where you die I will die,

Where you are buried I will be buried.

The Matthew Henry commentary describes Ruth as a prophecy of the entrance of the heathen world into the kingdom of God. She came out of Moab, an idolatrous and wanton people, and she herself was so tender and pure. In a land where dissolute sensuality formed one of the elements of idol worship, a woman appeared as a wife and daughter, chaste as the rose of spring.

Dear Friend, it is possible to live among the religious and secular lost and not become one them!

Ruth’s confession of God originated after she got married. It sprang from the love with which she was permitted to embrace the Israelites. The conduct of one Israeli woman, Naomi, in a foreign land was able to call forth a love and a confession of God like that of Ruth. This insight was refreshing to me as a woman living in a foreign land. Friend, what message does your conduct send? Who is converted because of your life? Be blessed today knowing that you can make a difference.

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