Author Susan Harris visits HMK

Writer Susan Harris of Melville, Saskatchewan stopped in at HMK for the morning of November 7 to talk about her books.  Susan was on her way to the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg to pick up a load of shiny, new 2012 pennies since she includes one with each book she sells.  Susan told her HMK audience that when the announcement came this year that the Mint is no longer manufacturing pennies (they stopped this past May) and that pennies would be out of circulation by February, 2013, Susan got a great idea to write a book full of stories about pennies.  Her first book “Little Copper Pennies” tells stories about pony rides, parking, repairs, and jawbreakers for a penny interspersed with all sorts of facts about classic pennies for collecting purposes.  In fact, Susan suggests that a good project for children is to collect a penny from every year dating back from 2012 (Mrs. Farquhar’s class is making a class collection).  Susan Harris also showed our students how to “magically” shine their penny collections by dipping them in a mixture of lemon juice and a teaspoon of salt!  Check out Susan’s website where you may wish to purchase the children’s version of her book “Little Copper Pennies for Kids” which is scheduled for release this month.  It might make a great Christmas gift now that we have met the author!

(HMK School’s Newsletter, November 2012)


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