Author tells readers to Live Intentionally by Galen Simmons, Advance Reporter

Melville Advance Clip AprilA Melville author released her latest book on April 8, reaching #3 on the website’s bestseller’s list for the week after it was released.

Susan Harris – whose most recent titles include Little Copper Pennies and Little Copper Pennies for Kids – published Remarkably Ordinary: 20 Reflections on Living Intentionally Right Where You Are as an e-book available through Amazon.

“I really believe that a person can be a success wherever they are because it’s resident in us and we’re responsible for how we live. Whether we complain or whether we take something bitter and make it better,” Harris said.

Harris’ book covers 20 independent episodes from her life. Whether she is narrowly avoiding a collision with a moose, or growing up skinny in a culture that a little meat on a girl’s bones, Harris finds a way to glean a positive life lesson from every negative experience.

“I wanted to live productively and I can show people how to do it. I’ve been a teacher, a speaker, and now a writer, so I believe I do have a platform of influence. And if I could actually help inspire people so that they can have a better today and a better tomorrow, and they can look at whatever is coming and say, ‘If this can help me, this can help someone else,’ we all experience more enriched lives and we can live more fully,” Harris explained.

Harris’ life lessons were published under a sub-heading at the end of each chapter, called Living Intentionally.

“It means living with purpose. Finding the good even in things that appear to be bad. I really do believe that both bad and good things happen collectively for our good that we can always find when we look back,” Harris said. Whether it is a nugget of wisdom, whether it is something where we say, ‘Ok, I’ve learned a lesson, I’m not going down that path again,’ but we can always find something good from every experience we’ve had.”

Her book is available for 99 cents from Amazon throughout April as a display of Harris’ gratitude to her readers. The paperback version will be in production in the next few months.  (The Melville Advance. Friday, April 25, 2014. Page A-7.)


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