Golden Apples in Silver Settings

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Chapter 1:   DREAM BIG – Susan tells of her own dreams for her life that have been realized. She bases her faith on Jeremiah 29:11, and inspires the reader to make dreams happen.

Chapter 2:   TURNING DREAMS INTO REALITY – This is a practical tool to help you revive and/or jumpstart your dream? Don’t have a dream? No problem. The worksheet could help you identify your dream, recognize barriers and create a plan.

Chapter 3:   A PASSIONATE HEART – What’s in your heart? Not sure? There is an object lesson to help you examine your heart. God’s dream for you is that you would go after the causes that drives His heart.

Chapter 4:   BREAKTHROUGH – Is there a challenge in your life? Do you need a breakthrough? Charge you faith on real situations as you read what God has done for others, and how He can come through for you.

Chapter 5:   OPEN DOORS – Nothing happens by chance to the child of God.  When God opens a door for you, no one can shut it, and when He shuts a door, no one can open it. Are there doors that you wish to be opened and shut?

Chapter 6:   DEAR CAPTIVE – Friend, your discouraging situation is temporary. This too shall pass, and you can experience peace through it. You will be free.

 Chapter 7:   ECHOES OF JOY – What is the difference between joy and happiness? Are they the same? Which one do you seek after? Rooted only in the Holy Spirit, enduring joy in the face of good and not-so-good times can be yours.

Chapter 8:   LEAVING GETHSEMANE – The celebration of Good Friday and Jesus’ awful crucifixion. If there was no Gethsemane, there would be no resurrection, there would be no Easter. Be encouraged that your dark experiences, like Gethsemane or the heat that gold goes through, must happen before victory and beauty can be ushered in.

Chapter 9:   SEASONS OF HIS PRESENCE – As in the natural world, your spiritual life goes through seasons of change. How do you respond to change?  The one constant that never changes is God….He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and you can carry His presence gracefully in any season of life.

Chapter 10:   BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES – This was Susan’s first message as a public speaker at a Thanksgiving service in Trinidad, 1988. A sheaf is a metaphor of good works. What your sheaf?

 Chapter 11:   SWEET AND REFRESHING – Water and perfume analogies. God is looking out for single mothers. God is looking out for fatherless children. God is interested in using you as you are.

 Chapter 12:   A PEEK INTO MY TRAINING GROUNDS – A look into Susan’s training for ministry as a child, and with Campus Crusade for Christ at university.

Chapter 13:   PRETTY WOMEN – Do you need to be restored? God models Rahab for the benefit of modern day women, with a message of hope that in spite of their past, they can occupy a place of prominence. God does not live in the past, and He will not ostracize you or remind you of your past.  Rahab married into the tribe of Judah from which Jesus came. Rahab’s name is written in the Hall of Fame in a place called Eternity…

Chapter 14:   TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE – That is the question! From the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, God used to go down in the cool of the evening and hang out with Adam and Eve. He loved them and they loved Him. God dreams that we would love each other, for love leads to unity, and unity brings the Glory.

Chapter 15:   SEASONS BY DIVINE APPOINTMENT – If we emulate the virtues of Ruth, we can be kept in a mode of spiritual survival through seasons of life… seasons in which we are divinely called to journey.

Chapter 16:   THE NIGHT WATCH – Symbolically the night is a time of heaviness, a time of battle and discomfort, of terror and fears. One night in approximately 4 B.C., news unparalleled shook the world… Jesus was born… and that night was the divine shaping of history, God was fulfilling prophesy, and the old was being separated from the new. Jesus conquered the night and therefore could keep the night watch for you. So my Friend, sleep in peace and rest.

Chapter 17:   FRESH RESOLVE TO PRAY – “Each prayer you’ve prayed is like a gift waiting to be opened and it has a date on it.” Have you battled in the spiritual realm? Why not fashion your prayers on Scripture. Put on the armour of God, for there is a real war waged at different levels against you. You must get violent against Satan.

Chapter 18:   ANSWER BY FIRE – Elijah was 1 against 850, yet he prayed down fire from heaven and proved the power of Yaweh God. Are the odds stacked against you? Then you are a candidate for fire. The old gospel chorus sings:  “Send some more Elijah to pray the power down…Send the fire also send the rain…To heal the sick and raise the dead and glorify His name…I would like to hear Elijah pray again.”

Chapter 19:   HOW TO HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST – It’s the simple message of salvation….God loves you and has a plan for your life. Sin separates you from God’s plan for your life. Jesus died for your sin. You must ask for forgiveness of sin, and invite Jesus into your life as Saviour and Lord.

 Chapter 20:   WOMEN OF THE BIBLE – A list of over 200 females named in the Bible, with a brief description of each and scripture references. This is a great tool for quizzes, and role models and examples in general.

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