A breakthrough in technology in 2002 was the cyber knife. The caption was, “GeorgetownUniversityunveiled the Cyberknife this week at GeorgetownUniversityHospital. The latest breakthrough in cancer treatment is surgery with no scalpel, no blood, and little or no post-operative pain. Doctors say it can be more accurate than traditional cancer surgery. It combines powerful radiation with pinpoint accuracy to kill cancer tumors.” 3

 A headline in sports read “Latest breakthrough in Olympic Sports Pioneering Spirit.  Arab women make breakthrough at Games: — After Fatima Gerashi, their very presence represented a huge breakthrough for Arab women, whose freedoms have traditionally been severely curtailed…”4

 In the Bible there are breakthroughs that are more miraculous, greater and complete than the ones quoted above. Mark chapter 5 highlights a breakthrough for a woman who had a bleeding condition. This woman had been to many doctors and had exhausted her health benefits and medical insurance claims, and she was desperate for a cure. The Scripture tells that while Jesus was on His way to heal Jairus’ daughter, the woman saw him and was resolved to get healed.

 Jesus always drew crowds, and on this day, the crowds were thick. It was a negative strike against the woman, who being weak and sick from losing blood daily, realized that she could not get Jesus’ attention face to face. This woman was a trooper, however, and she activated Plan B. “All I need to do is touch his clothes…” Stretching out her skinny arms, and still being pushed, she managed to touch Jesus’ robe. At the same time, Jesus felt that some power had gone from Him, and in that moment, the woman was healed, never to hemorrhage again. That’s a breakthrough….. (From the book Golden Apples in Silver Settings, chapter 4)

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