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The Legendary Dr. Michael Baboolal

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The word LEGENDARY reverberated in my head as I absorbed the news of Dr. Michael Baboolal of San Juan, Trinidad. An accomplished, humble man and great leader. Physician, husband, and father are his everyday titles, but his most notable may … Continue reading

Celebrating Melvina Chin Harris

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The year 1935 dawned with expectancy. It ushered the signing of the Franco-Italian Agreement on the world stage, and a couple months later on March 31, right here at home in Canque Village, Biche, Trinidad, a pair of little rays … Continue reading

Press Release for TOUCHED BY ETERNITY by Robert White

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 Sometimes a person you have never met impacts you greater than those in your daily life. Such was journalist Robert White whose company Canadian Christian News Services did the press release for my memoir TOUCHED BY ETERNITY. I have the … Continue reading

Gladys, Dennis, and Val

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The night Val greeted me as “Barbie’ when I walked into the Christmas dinner held by the River Church, I knew ours would be a great friendship. Ten years later it flourishes strong, and this week it went to a … Continue reading

In Memory of Mrs. Dhanraj

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 The population of Standard Road has dropped by two in one week. Today Mrs. Dhanraj passed away at age 90. (Last week it was Balliram.) I don’t know her first name as we often referred to her as her children’s … Continue reading

Balliram Sookdeo Goes to Heaven

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 The harsh wooooz on my iPhone roused me to action. Likely it was the notification of fees and other expenses I had been paying over the last few days. Quickly I voiced my morning praise “From the rising of the … Continue reading

NASA’s Tour of the Moon

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Happy New Year. As I write the Moon is 88% in waning gibbous state. (Waning means that the moon is getting smaller, and gibbous refers to the shape which is less than the complete circle of the Full Moon.) I’m beginning … Continue reading

Jupiter and Saturn in the Great Conjunction

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 The solar system’s two giant planets, Jupiter and Saturn, travel together across the sky nightly. Jupiter leads the way and Saturn trots contentedly behind. On December 21, 2020 Saturn caught up to and passed Jupiter in the astronomical event known … Continue reading

Remembering Terrance Sookhansingh

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Hearing the news that the funeral of our classmate Terrance Sookhansingh will be held tomorrow (November 16) shocked me as his death shocked everyone else. In stunned silence I envisioned our class back at Iere High School – Haymatee who … Continue reading

Not an Angel

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God didn’t want an angel when He called my aunt home on Sunday. Usually I write a eulogy but this time I feel compelled to write what Scripture says. Like me, my aunt was a Christian. We called her Tanty … Continue reading