Dear Radiance

Dear Radiance,

Your name means light. Brilliance.
Charisma, your name means “gift of grace”, and “gifts of the Holy Spirit”.

You are meant for more than this world. You are made for eternity.
I’ve loved you forever, before you were born until now.
And into Eternity where perfect love will be the only expression known.

You belong only to God, created by Him for Him.
Entrusted to me to bear and nurture for a few years. To train you in His ways.
Those years have now expired.
You belong to God.

You have all you need:
In one word you have the reassurance, the answer to everything.

When fear grips and crisis looms, call Jesus.
When need presents itself, call Jesus.
When the lure of friends overpowers, call Jesus.
When all is well, and joy abounds, thank Jesus.
Make Jesus your hope, as He has been my hope.

Choose God’s standard. Always.
Covet what matters – things eternal.
Let God be your guide, your North Star, your compass.Let the Holy Spirit be your mentor.
Call on Christ to make you strong when you are weak.

I remember the details of your life.
Many are in scrapbooks, travel memorabilia. Photographs by thousands.
Boxes labelled by grade. Cards and drawings. A red suitcase with baby clothes.
All are in memory.

I gave you my best. Dropped jobs to chase French education in new locations.
Dance, music, gymnastics, sports, themed birthdays, career paths.
Parliament. Every opportunity was explored.

I pray you look past my flaws and find charisma that covers all shortcomings.
When the no’s came they were the result of foresight.
To preserve you for the years you have now embarked on as an adult.
God is good. And when He’ll say no, trust Him, for He is still good.
When the contradictions surge, when the world shouts and friends beckon, discern His voice and go after Him.
Even if it means going alone.
He will never let you down. Your protector, your provider, henceforth.

May God’s pull be stronger than peer pressure.
Don’t be a crowd pleaser. Don’t strive for acceptance through sin. Say no.
Don’t lose your life following friends. Waste not on social media.

Watch your company for you become as those you hang out with.
God can set you free from the influences of those who do not live by His Word.
Be careful who advises you, for their standards may not be God’s though they call themselves Christian.

You were made to stand out, unique and beautiful individual.
For higher and nobler. Born for greatness.

Popularity tempts, but it is temporary.
Only God is constant.
Choose His way. Choose wisely. Choose carefully.
Choose attuned to the Spirit for whose gifts you are named.
Sear the Word on your heart. Read it. Memorize it. Live by it.

I spent my life protecting you in an uncertain world. A lone family in a strange land.
I gave you every comfort and luxury within my means.
I made sacrifices you’ll never know about.
And when it’s your turn, know that you can do it through Christ.Anywhere. You are able.

My daughter, you’ve outgrown your dependence on me. You can find your own answers and for this I am satisfied.
But never outgrow your reliance on God. Seek His help.
Now that you’re an adult, the consequences of your actions will be yours to confront. Seek God, and seek more.
He will be with you until mortality gives in to immortality. He has all the answers.

Become the best in your chosen field. Aim for excellence.
Dream big. Do good.
Be compassionate.

My peace comes from entrusting you to God’s care.
The only one who truly understands you.
He who can fix every broken, every difficult, formed you.
He updated the count of the strands on your head just now.
You are my child, and You are His child. We are both His children, and He makes it good for each of us.

Guard your mind. Guard your heart.
Guard your purity. Guard your faith. Covet a gentle spirit.
Be contented.

Radiance, may you never be without the presence of the Holy Spirit.
May you always be at peace.
May the desire for holiness trump any other longings.
This you can do through the grace Jesus extends.
May you live up to your names.
And may your light so shine that many will be drawn to God.

I love you today and always,

Copyright Susan Harris 2017
From ” New Kind of Mother’s Day” by Susan Harris

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