Review of HULDAH: PROPHETESS – Author Sharon Dow

I am a teenager and I enjoyed this book very much. Huldah

“Huldah: Prophetess” is a wonderful book! Sharon Dow does a great job of capturing what everyday life was like in biblical times. She also provides fantastic visual descriptions which create a vivid picture in the reader’s mind as to what is taking place and where. Sharon Dow was a former principal, and is very good at writing.

Some examples of visual descriptions are:
“Groups parted when Hilkiah approached. Sunlight glinted off the gold band on his forehead. His robe’s fringe of tinkling bells and pomegranates stopped just short of the ground and exposed gnarled feet shod with leather sandals. He adjusted his breastplate, adorned with twelve precious stones, conscious of eyes that darted looks at him.”
“The sun gradually lifted from the horizon to expose the debris left from the night’s debacle. Dark clouds rushed to cover the light, as though in shame. Trampled grass, remnants of a fire, and bones picked clean were scattered over the grass, along with broken clay pitchers which had held wine. Discarded cloaks and sandals sat amidst the rubbish next to bodies deep in sleep.”
“Itamar stamped his sandaled foot at his mother. His teeth were small, sharp, and discoloured, which only added to the sinister look of his embroidered outfit. The turban was too large and covered his ears and forehead; the white and gold robe was glaringly out of place on his small body.”

This book kept me hooked from the beginning until the very end. Some examples of what hooked me are:
“Weeping, weeping, constant weeping. Wails circled the walls and settles on the furniture, permeated the cooking pots, wrapped the inmates in layers of tears.”
‘The king is dead. The king is dead.” The shout echoed through the streets of Jerusalem. It circled along the byways. It whispered around the stalls in the market. It seeped into the houses of the people, and turned hearts cold.”
“Shallum faced his wife. “You must have someone with you. I won’t allow you to go on your own.”

Huldah:Prophetess is definitely worth the read.

(Review written Susan Harris’s daughter. She received this book free and has written an honest review).

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