Garden Gift

After vowing never to plant a garden again I have a garden, and still kept my vow. You see, I did not plant it, my husband did.  Still new at the acreage after 15 months, the landscaping and deck are projects not yet tackled. Instead, a few old planters on lopsided crates form the “garden” on the location of the future deck.  This was lovingly started on July 1st, a bit late in the season.

And the crates? To keep off the rabbits. Well sort of, as I secretly hope they will hop on and sneak the bounty so I can enjoy their presence. Long ears, white tails, cheeky faces, the jackrabbits are my favourite wild animal.

But here’s a secret. He sowed beets for the hares. In the little black pot with the flag? That’s beet all right, a leaf high on the rabbits’ menu. But shhhh, there’s more…the entire perimeter of the crates are seeded with beets.

I can’t wait for the red-stemmed beets to shoot up and call the hares. They come to our yard to nibble on dandelions, but we don’t have dandelions anymore, and I’m not keen on the lovely yellows taking over my yard anyway.

So here’s hoping that beets, and crunchy greens from spinach, kale, mustard, peas and Swiss Chard ring in a happy summer for the rabbits and me.

A garden gift. I didn’t ask for it and couldn’t have imagine a lovelier surprise. Except for the animals it will attract.

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