Happy Birthday, Write Canada 2014

Write Canada cake

Hey you, are you going to Write Canada’s party?

Who me? I’m always ready for a party, so yeah, tell me more.

Write Canada is turning 30 this year. In June.

Who or what is Write Canada?

It’s  Canada’s largest conference for those who write from a Christian perspective.

But I’m not an author.

No worries. Anyone can attend: aspiring authors, established authors, musicians, artists, curious individuals. It’s a great place to connect and network for future opportunities.

Who are the keynote speakers?

 Ted Dekker and Mark Buchanan. Cool guys from the sounds of it. Ted was born in the jungle amidst cannibals. But hey, don’t worry if you were not born in the jungle, it’s not a criterion to becoming a New York Times bestselling author with over 40 novels. And Mark, well that name is not in the Bible for nothing.

Write Canada 6 Ted Dekker Click the link below to see if this is Ted or Mark. http://www.thewordguild.com/write-canada-2014/2014-keynote-speakers/

Who else is at this Write thing?

Tons of people. I counted 31 faculty members, or is it 32? Can you check this link and let me know? http://www.thewordguild.com/write-canada-2014/2014-faculty/

As I was saying, I counted quite a bit of high profile people – agents, publishers, editors, authors galore. A nice mix of male and female. And if you want to see more neat ladies, click here for the staff. http://www.thewordguild.com/write-canada-2014/2014-conference-staff . Oh, I just remembered, there are workshops and continuing classes too.

Are there freebies?Write Canada 2

Of course! Who doesn’t have freebies these days? Lots of prizes have already been awarded but there are still goodies to be picked up. You can buy books too. And if you’re the gala type, you can get there a day earlier and take in the dazzling and prestigious Word Awards.

The what?

The Word Awards. Both the conference and the award gala are sponsored by The Word Guild (TWG), Canada’s leading and largest writers group for Christians. The Word Awards are designed to raise the profile of Canadian writers who are Christian, and to encourage them in their writing.     See more at http://www.thewordguild.com/the-word-awards/#sthash.682jHyvP.dpuf

Read about TWG here http://www.thewordguild.com/

When exactly is this taking place?

Write Canada 2014 The Word Awards – June 11 at 7:30 p.m. At the World Vision Canada Headquarters in Mississauga, ON    http://www.thewordguild.com/the-word-awards/

Write Canada – June 12-14 . In Guelph, ON http://www.thewordguild.com/write-canada-2014/location/

I wonder if I’ve read these authors books? In what genres do they write?

Just about everything and for everyone – children, youth, adults. Inspirational, religious, suspense, romance, memoirs, fiction, non-fiction… Some of them are musicians too. You just might meet your favourite author there.

How did you hear about Write?

I’m a member of TWG.

Are you going? Write Canada 4

No. Sadly no. I wanted to attend really badly but I used my conference money to fly to Trinidad for a funeral. But here’s the deal. God compensated me. I got a new book contract last week so I don’t necessarily need to meet agents and publishers this year. But for those who didn’t get a book deal, the second best thing is to go to Write Canada and make person-to-person contact with agents and publishers and other important folk.   

Write Canada 5  What’s the cost?

It varies depending if you are a member or not and if you register for the entire conference or for part of it. And if you need hotel and airfare. Check it here http://www.thewordguild.com/write-canada-2014/cost/

 I will. Sounds cool.

Write Canada 7 Sandra OrchardHey, can I ask a favour? If you go, will you look for Sandra Orchard? She’s a best-selling author of romantic novels and she’s presenting a workshop.

I don’t read romantic novels.

Calm down. I don’t either but I have friends who do and I encourage them to buy my fellow authors’ books.  I’ve read several of the TWG member’s publications, and listened to their music too, and I’m impressed. I share their work and they share mine. How great is that! When we cheer each other, we all win.   

I’m glad we had this chat. I’ll give this Write thing some serious thought.

Wonderful. Thanks for listening, buddy. Write Canada 3

Happy 30th Birthday, Write Canada 2014. You rock.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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