How big is our GOD

Our God is big; He is such a big God that the vast heavens declare his glory and the firmament shows his handiwork. When I was living in the town of Langenburg, I visited a group of artists, and noticed that they all had canvases that reflected their skills and ability level. I asked for a small piece of paper, because I am art-challenged at best. God is so big that when He wants to paint, He has to get a canvas that stretches from east to west. God’s canvas is the skies, and He paints the sunrise and sunsets in incomparable hues of red and gold. He sets the cumulus clouds, the nimbus clouds and the cirrus clouds against the blue haze of space. God scrapbooks with the stars and planets, and entices the curiosity of skeptics.  Artist God placed the mountains and glacial valleys, and force springs up against gravity so the lakes and sloughs are fed. Is there anything too hard for God to do? I declare, NO. (From Golden Apples in Silver Settings, page 13).

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