Is Wait a Heavy Load?

Usually when a person waits for another it implies that he/she is at standstill. At rest. She ceases to move for the other individual is the one in action. He lingers while the other catches up. May 1.16

The familiar, often-quoted verse in Isaiah 40:31 covenants – “those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength;” (NASB)

What could your body do with fresh strength?  What would happen to your mind and spirit if you literally waited on the Lord?

Often our waiting is contaminated with doubt and wondering, complaining and groaning, which does nothing good for us. But we can make the decision to wait with expectancy. To literally wait for the Lord as He strides to meet us. As He exerts the energy and we conserve ours. He may have to backtrack or He may have to go forward, but either way He will bring us to the place we are supposed to be at – a place of balance and peace.

When we wait in the natural, such as for an exam result, we do not study during the interim. Instead we pack away the notes, close the text books, and wait. The principle in waiting is that we do not consider other options, or move with new ideas. So too, as we  wait for Jesus, for His directions, instructions and companionship, it is best that we stay put. To not go anywhere. He is coming. Our “do-it-now” is to stick around and watch. A paradox in this crazy, busy world which operates opposite to the Kingdom. Our environment has programmed us to jet set in action, noise and chaos, and  waiting has become a negative akin to laziness. But our God gives us permission to shrug off the opinions, concerns and worry, and wait. To hope in Him. To remain where we are, reading His Word and  drawing from its refreshing. Praying. Giving thanks. Hoping in what He is bringing for us. Trusting in where He is taking us. Finding new strength and life as we wait for Him. On Him. Scooping up peace in the very place we don’t care to be. Being perfected in the place we deem imperfect.

Our Lord never gets tired, and He does not want us to be tired either. It’s our ideal equilibrium. And when we accept His gift to rest, we find that waiting is no longer a heavy load.

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