Praise for “Remarkably Ordinary” by Arthelo Palmer

I have no other most important words to say about Remarkably Ordinary than the ones existing in my thought that it’s a modern precious literary gem trying to showcase a strong reflection of life. Susan Harris has remarkably depicted her affinity for seemingly small things around us in her writing, while making the most meaning of them, which connects to the innermost part of one’s being. This is where the small things we might have thought to have made a difference!

I can simply relate with Susan’s views, because her inspiration obviously is rooted from the simple to major events of her encounter in this life’s journey. What she simply is telling her readers is to never waste the opportunity to reflect on even small things in life, because they have the purpose of transforming one’s being, at its best. This only will be realised when one is keen to listen or observe around and connect even simple things to life’s present situation.

Susan is therefore a rising modern-day life’s guru, trying to inform us that even the small events or things can be the best teachers of our lives. We need her piece of thought because in the modern-age technology people have momentarily forgotten the past and the importance of understanding the basic things forming life for good. People are looking forward to futuristic events and Susan’s piece of thought is a reminder that even the good small things from the past are connected to where we are now placing or heading ourselves.

There’s a vital message in Susan’s Remarkably Ordinary and it’s a piece of treasure to those who learned to appreciate the beauty of life and even to those who still want to learn more about the enigmatic existence of life.

I thank God for using Susan Harris, the one we have today as a rising inspirational author of our time!

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