Remembering Terrance Sookhansingh

Hearing the news that the funeral of our classmate Terrance Sookhansingh will be held tomorrow (November 16) shocked me as his death shocked everyone else. In stunned silence I envisioned our class back at Iere High School – Haymatee who broke the news to me, Richard who broke the news to Haymatee, and the rest who had assimilated the sadness while I was absent from social media.

Tall, dark, and handsome were fitting adjectives for Terrance. In fact, “Othello” is how our French teacher described Terrance. Mr. Westmaas brought in all kinds of learning into French class, and repeatedly he would allude to Terrance’s looks and personality as a likeness to Shakespeare’s character in the play of the same name. Othello was the protagonist and hero, a Christian Moor and general in the armies of Venice.

Terrance was easily visible because of his physique but the trait that stood out the most to me was his gentle manner. Terrance was a gentle man, a true soft spoken gentleman. Terrance smiled a lot. I don’t remember ever seeing him anything but pleasant. If he had bad days, no one could tell from his deportment. Terrance was jovial and carried a dignity that complemented his Othello-ness.

On Sundays I post a reminder that ETERNITY with Susan Harris (my show on cable television where I live) will be aired today. My thoughts are never far from Eternity, the afterlife where we can live with God the Father forever and ever. When I came on to post, that’s when I read the message of the tragic news that our classmate’s funeral will be held tomorrow (Nov 16).

 Tears filled my eyes. I have been spared death many times and I know my purpose in life is to invite men, women, boys and girls into God’s kingdom. Becoming a citizen of Heaven is not automatic. Citizenship has a process. Countries observe it and likewise, Heaven requires citizenship. The route is through Jesus Christ, who says in the Bible “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” John 14:6.

Iere High School gave every student an opportunity to know of Jesus through the daily worship which started  our day. We prayed to the Lord. I believe that Terrance carried that sacred opening of the day into his adult life. I’ve never seen him since we graduated high school, but the fruit of the Holy Spirit was evident in him from a young age.

Every Othello has a Desdemona, and I learned from the obituary announcement that Haymatee sent to me (thanks Haymatee) that Terrance’s was the beautiful Angela. I went on their social media page and saw that Angela had posted a wedding photo in which Terrance looked more as he did in his school days, and I snipped his portrait for this blog memory. Angela, I pray that the Lord will uphold you in this time when the foundation of your world has been shaken irreversibly so. May you feel His everlasting arms carrying you. May you and your children be comforted, knowing that you will reunite with Terrance in Heaven.

Friends of Terrance, classmates and co-workers, neighbours and relatives, no one ever imagined that Terrance would never see a 6th decade, or turn 70, or have a party when he is 80. This could be the fate of any of us. We do not know what tomorrow holds. But I know who holds tomorrow. God holds every second of our lives. He knows what will happen with life on earth and He knows how we each will spend Eternity. Can I invite you to prepare to spend your Eternity with God? If you will pray the prayer below and mean it, Jesus will forgive you of your sins and you will reunite with Terrance in Eternity.

Dear Jesus, I have sinned and I need Your forgiveness. I invite You to be my Lord and Saviour. Make me the kind of person You want me to be. Thank you for giving me eternal life. Amen.

Mortality is frail, a whisper, dew on the grass. Here now, gone then. Death is a time to take inventory of what matters, how quickly what we hold dear can vanish. I pray that we will stock up what matters. Love and respect, kindness and faith.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus be yours today as you grieve the loss of our friend. God’s grace is always present and all-sufficient. Speak to Him, and feel His strength and comfort fill your heart today and in the months ahead.

Because of Grace,


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