Review of ALL THAT REMAINS. A novel by Kelsey Greye.

All That Remains

Author Kelsey Greye left me with a desire to track down her first two books, so much was the enjoyment I derived from her most recent novel, All That Remains. Upon reading the book’s description on Amazon, I shivered, and the hairs on my arm stood at right angles to my skin. I shivered a few more times as the story unfolded.

Early into the first chapter I was won over by the reference to “penny candies”, a reference born out of my own love for the retired Canadian penny. But that’s not the reason I gave the book 5 stars. In a title like “All That Remains”, it is a fair question to ask, What remains? A rather impetuous Wynne stumbles (no pun intended) and falls, only to find herself looking at her feet, not two, but three feet. Then comes not one, but two dead bodies. Thereafter unfolds twists and turns that had me guessing, and out rightly astonished, to the very end.

The characters reflect real life and their back stories are well told, hence they are easy to relate to. Having lived in small towns, I found Greye’s description of the curiosity of its inhabitants amusing, particularly that of little old ladies. One apt reference reads, “In Lake Claire, dating was never a two-person endeavour.” The author’s sense of humour is refreshing and un-canned – heroine Wynne tells off the sheriff, an uncle prefers to eat glass (but you’ll have to find out why yourself), and so much more. The transparency of Wynne’s feelings for Noah Sutton is poignant, and one is swept into her hopes and dreams.

The story is an interesting read and the ends are settled and resolved. A beautiful combination of sweet romance, Christian faith and “who did it” suspense makes this book enjoyable on many levels, and particularly so for me, in that my teenage daughter to whom I’ve passed on the book, can find a clean, wholesome and entertaining read.

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