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Most authors would be captivated by the book’s title, and agree with the heading of Chapter 1 – “All Books Need Reviews”. I myself read reviews before buying a book, thus Gisela Hausmann’s “Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews” caught my attention. The use of the word “naked” in this book is in the sense of being transparent, devoid of trimmings and frivolities, removing the mystery in the search for reviews.GHausman Naked Reviews

I met Gisela Hausmann on Facebook through one of the groups to which we both belong. However, I did not know she was an Amazon Reviewer until recently, very recently. Back in 2013 when I was successful in selling print books in four-digit numbers but had few reviews on Amazon, I asked Gisela for some strategies. She mentioned that certainly having books in e-format were easier, but although my books were in e-format, the buyers in the Canadian market for whom my print penny books were primarily geared, told me that they unable to post reviews on Amazon. Nonetheless, I was struck by Gisela’s kindness in sharing her thoughts, in pointing me to Goodreads and other sites she mentions in Naked Reviews. This made me all the more eager to read this new book and glean from her “insider” knowledge.

My biggest take from this book was to set up a “newsroom” on my site which has all of my book’s publicity and reviews. I have not done it yet but it is in the works. I will be saving the URLs of the blogs on which I am featured. Gisela analogizes pitching for reviews to pitching on a dating site – putting out one’s best to shine above the rest, and that this should be easiest for writers because we “own” the raw material of words and sentence construction as part of our craft.

Writers fear the one-star, and some share virtual cake to comfort the despairing. Gisela talks about the value of one-star reviews. I always read one-star reviews, for if I can live with it, I know I will enjoy the book. In fact I purchased a book that had a one-star review because the author’s beliefs coincided with mine, although, unfortunately, it did not align with the reviewer’s beliefs and hence he gave it a one-star. The use of examples, poor and strong ones, are helpful to the beginning writer as well as the more seasoned. Gisela is a non- fiction writer as I am, and that focus strengthened my opinion that her book would be beneficial. That said, her tips and strategies work well for any genre of writing. In fact, this book could be tailored sell any product or service.

I have had the good fortune to have a few top Amazon reviewers review some of my recent publications, and not too long ago, that included Gisela herself (but even at that time I hadn’t known that she was a reviewer). Gisela’s voice is unique, un-canned and sincere, and these elements add credibility to her recommendations. Above all, she is getting reviews for her books, and that, in my opinion, is the foundation on which she is most qualified to speak on the subject.

Congratulations, Gisela, on this and future works. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.


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