In true Peter Black style lie encouragement, insights and wisdom in this little volume, Raise Your Gaze. Penned in the gentlest manner, Peter’s pastor’s heart shines through like a pristine dewdrop on a perfect petal. The knowledge of the Word so easily translated to physical experiences speaks of one who knows His God intimately.

The author has the knack to find God in the everyday, the now moment, in the present. And as the present becomes the past, Black leaves a legacy of ponderings and thoughts that will ripple hearts in the generations to come towards mindfulness and gratitude. In 52 anecdotes akin to a devotional, one can easily use one chapter a week on which to reflect, thereby covering a year. Or a reader can do as I did and read them all over a few days. The book is divided into four sections so the reader finds it easy to start with his favourite section. As with short article-like chapters, reading sequentially is not required, so one can hop around without feeling as if one has missed out.

I have no desire to encounter mice waste yet could appreciate the lesson of resourcefulness from such an encounter in “Musings on Mice and Men”. Black’s lyrical use of prose held my interest episode after episode, as in Farm Revisited … Nellie” and the other farm-based stories, the farm being special to me for personal reasons. The poignancy of his writing “I offered a prayer in advance for Melanie, and thought of the day when Nellie would bed down to rise no more” is echoed throughout the book, rendering it a treasure for the soul. Truly the Godward-ness is food for the spirit, and with the picture images to delight the mind, this book presents an overall balance that is whimsical and deep.

“Words to Bless” resonate with me in that my vision for my life are to speak words in the direction I want my life to go. On page 112 are the famed words of Jim Elliot, he is no fool to give up that which he cannot keep for that which he cannot lose. A quote that has helped me give up things coveted when the season drew to an end.

I have but touched the tip of the experiences of a life well lived, that of Peter Black, whose lasting truths will warm the heart and lift the spirit, and point the reader towards the gaze of the Wonderful Face from which all other things go strangely dim. Read this book, gift it to another, and be blessed as I was.

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