Review on Little Copper Pennies for the classroom

This little book is an easy read. Chalk full of fascinating stories of people and all the ways that the penny has come to influence their lives. In terms of children school book clubs it is the perfect piece.  Each chapter lends itself to using various comprehension strategies presently being taught in the classroom.  Inferencing, questioning, summarizing, evaluating- all skills that are accessible when reading each and every very engaging chapter.  As well, it uses references to the bible in ways that help children and adults recognize images of charity.  The research within the book has simple yet well documented values associated with the penny throughout time (from the 1800’s till present); in terms of its purchase power, as well as its endearing qualities and its relation to our past. It is not only a great piece of literature; it helps people to qualify in terms of Mathematics using text to self/ text to world monetary values.

I adored this book for its nostalgia and the connections I was able to make while breezing through this cheerful, well developed piece of history and informational text.
I can’t wait for the students of 2012, a significant cultural group in the life of the penny, to share in this delightful text!
Valerie Thiessen
Grade One Teacher
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