Stewardship vs Hoarding

Last night (October 4) I felt the Lord was leading me to thoughts of stewardship and unselfishness. Particularly that any wealth or finances I may accrue above what is required for my regular bills and savings, should not be hoarded. The Lord whispered that any excess finances should be channelled into His kingdom. Not into fancy vacations or luxury items above what I currently experience. Not into the temporary things of this world.

I agreed. I want to invest my talents and resources into reaching others for Christ. Immediately I knew I wanted to offer my talents and expertise in speaking, teaching and writing, free of charge to some groups in Canada, and let my book sales bring in the revenue.

This morning, October 5, I opened my inbox to an onslaught of belated birthday wishes and ongoing publication communication. Among them were two messages from someone on Facebook who had requested friendship a mere three days ago. Not someone I knew, or even from this country. Certainly not from someone who had a lot of friends!

I thanked him for the kind words and moments later another email arrived with the message, “you are welcome to come and speak to our women here and men Susan, we need that word. Can you pray that God help you to come to ___.” (I don’t feel led to disclose the place yet.)

In the fourteen months I had joined the social site, I have never had an invitation over Facebook to be a speaker Many friends knew I was a speaker, and while my speaking engagements and requests came from other sources, Facebook was not one of them.

I messaged back, “Thank you for your kind invitation. I have not been there before but God willing, I would love to come. I’ll pray about this and let’s keep in touch. Do you pastor a church?”

Minutes later a response came back in flawed tenses and sentence construction, “as you expect that we are requesting you put us in your program pray for us as we pray for you and we need you here in ____ , have you been here? you are welcome .”

Only hours earlier I had conversed with God about my accountability and willingness to serve. Now the rubber was meeting the road. I was particularly struck by certain words in the messages. The thoughts nagged at me and soon I was launching a search on the internet. The country’s geography and need for Christ fitted not only my vision but my husband’s as well. So I’m adding it to my prayer list as I wait for God’s time.

It could be that God is testing my heart. Would I want to choose what is convenient or glamourous, or do I want to act on His prompting? For now, I have to heed the episode as one where I’m obedient to the Lord. For the commitment I had made of my finances to Him last night.

Friend, has God spoken to you so much so that you know it cannot be ignored?

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