Taught to Dream

Dear Friend, dust off your dreams and be mindful that shattered pieces can be restored to wholeness when God steps in. Age is not a deterrent and status can be overcome. Equipped with the mind of Christ, you can give life to the dream and goals that sit dormant in you. Maybe like the butterfly that struggles out of the cocoon, you think the struggling stage will never be over. In times of change it is easy to lose focus, but I want to encourage you to not lose your vision. Be reminded that you can be taught to dream and you can teach others to dream. Be reminded that God’s plans in you, and for you, are like helium-filled balloons, waiting to be released from the string so they can soar limitlessly. I am a visionary, I dream and I want it to be contagious. My vision for you is that you would dream Spirit led dreams and live them to the fullest. Have a blessed day.

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