The Shadow

“You need Home Care.” My OB/GYN’s tone was urgent and he picked up the phone to arrange for a nurse to come to our address. He explained the reason for his call to the person who answered, and was placed on hold. Suddenly the call was disconnected but immediately he redialed, again explaining the urgency of the situation. One more time the call was disconnected, perhaps in an attempt to transfer it. I was struck by his empathy of my condition and his determination to get a nurse to attend to me at home. For a third time this wonderful doctor redialed the number but I never knew if he got hold of the department. For that moment I slumped forward on his desk.

Simultaneously with my memory of slumping on the desk is that I am walking on soft green grass going uphill. The place is bright as if the sun is full out and it is daytime. On my right, a huge person strides and I walk in his shadow. The shadow encompasses me in a circle similar to the way the midday sun casts a shadow around a person (as opposed to the evening when shadows are long.) I feel as if I know him, this person. I know where I am. I am in Heaven in the Shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1.)

(snippet from my manuscript Touched by Eternity)

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