True Friendship

Friendship is a gift that I consider sacred. David and Jonathan in the Old Testament were loyal and sincere to each other in face of adverse circumstances. 1 Samuel 20:42, ‘Jonathan said to David, “Go in peace, for we have sworn friendship with each other in the name of the LORD.’ Friendship is precious and rare. Like a prized jewel, it beckons with twinkle and charm that leave the parties delighting in its joy forever.

I’ve tasted amazing friendships and the sweet savour is alive today. My friends Peter and Ramona from Calgary make the list. Since meeting at university, the closeness thrives decades later. My best friend from Advanced level, Elizabeth also makes the list. “I have not heard from you,” her emails remind me when our phone conversations lapsed, and we hasten to make up for lost time. Then there is Belinda, my e-friend from Australia for nine years with whom I played Scrabble online, chat on the phone and exchange gifts. Though we’ve never met in person, the transparency and ease of sharing issues, maintaining confidences and accessing objective advice is priceless. The same exists with Rishi who taught with me at Siparia Senior Comprehensive School.

Thank God for friends.

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