Waiting for Tomorrow’s Miracle

When Jesus was laid dead and cold, finished in the tomb, no one imagined that He would defy the impossible. Guards were posted to secure His body from being stolen. Measures were taken to defy what He had said, “After three days I will rise from the dead.” Just in case.March26.16

Many are locked in situations that seems finished, hopeless, guarded by doubt and fear. It looks final, despairing. Faith words look fanciful.

Today is the day before the miracle, the Saturday before the Resurrection Sunday. Friend, the waiting is nearing its end for tomorrow the imprisonment will be over. Tomorrow… when the dead will become alive with buoyancy beyond our choicest dreams. Let your expectation be spurred by what is coming. Just in case. Anguish to anticipation,  encouragement in place of wretchedness. Let the  Word plough through despondence to shoot up a sprig, a blossom, a sentence that will dispel the abjection.  May hope and thanksgiving spring up to strengthen us to wait for the miracle of tomorrow. For it will soon be here.

Happy Easter.

(Photo by arztsamui)

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