White Teeth

Recently on a visit over coffee my friend commented, “How do you keep your teeth white?”

I replied immediately that this would be the subject of my next blog post. I’ve been asked that question as much as I’ve talked about the weather. And the reasons can be as varied as the weather when one factors in genetics, enamel density, medical issues, habits, lifestyle and such like. But whereas the weather swings in extremes, my routine is simple and stable. They are not really secrets but choices and practices that anyone can adopt. Here’s what I told my friend:

  1. I brush my teeth frequently, but at least twice a day at minimum and always as soon as I wake up. I don’t eat breakfast but getting the “sleep film” off my teeth before I have coffee ensures that added accumulation from coffee does not compound on my pearlies.
  2. Coffee stains. Look at a white teacup immediately after you drink coffee and you’d notice the staining is already apparent. I usually take milk with my coffee and this in itself reduces the staining effects. Further, I always rinse or drink water after having coffee, and even if on the rare occasion my coffee is black, having water immediately after dilutes the propensity to stain.
  3. I’m a Diet Pespi girl and consume lots of it – using a straw. The straw ensures the dark cola does not touch my teeth and hence there is no staining.  ( I tried drinking coffee through a straw but dropped that faster than a hot potato. Hot coffee through a straw has laser-like torment; don’t try it.)
  4. I don’t drink alcohol nor smoke thereby eliminating staining caused through related products.
  5. I use teeth-whitening toothpaste, my preferred choice being the Sensodyne brand. (Any toothpaste with baking soda has a whitening effect.) It is not advisable to use teeth-whitening toothpaste 100% of the times so when one tube is finished I switch to a regular kind and then back again.

The coffee gathering at which the question was asked

There are marketed teeth-whitening products on the market but I don’t use them.

What tips and tricks are tried and true for you?

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