Who Shaped my Christian Growth?

Who shaped my Christian growth?

Last night while driving home on Hwy 16 I was worshipping in the car and God spoke to me to honour the men, His servants, who have taught me in church ( hence the post). He also showed me a picture. A bottle of olive oil. The bottle is brown (like me, 😀 )and it is full of oil. I could not see the entire bottle as the focus was the neck. The word was that I am full to my neck. My physical neck is symbolic of the bottleneck, and a bottle cannot be filled beyond its neck. It is now time to pour out.

Rev. Elmore Anthony was my pastor during my elementary years (up to age 11 or so). Faithfully he drove to our home weekly to take the children in our family to Sunday School. Church service followed. The pews were hard and the hours went at snail’s pace to my child’s attention span. Yet I remember so clearly one of his sermons- someone dipped a branch in a river and the water became sweet. I asked my mother what this meant and she explained the miracle of the bitter waters at Marah becoming drinkable as God instructed Moses to dip a branch. (A river ran next to our house and I had an idea- can you guess? 😀 ) What I know now is that I was being filled, slowly and deeply with the Word, in each service. This reservoir goes deep, deep, deep. And I draw from it today. Thank you Pastor Anthony.

Rev. Ashford Nimchand became my pastor during my high school/teenage years (after Pastor Anthony moved on). By now I was more mature and active in my faith. The youth ministry bloomed strong, the Sunday School and church services filled and fed me more. The use of Greek and Hebrew in the sermons are methods I use to this day. The pews were still hard but I hardly noticed it. I continued to be filled and the reservoir deepened even more. Thank you Pastor Nimchand.

Rev. Martin Grant came next. I was away teaching, then at university so my time with him was limited. I used to write plays/skits for our youth group then, and after one production at Christmas he lavishly praised my skills set and vision for the work of the Lord. More and more filling, this time for the writer I’d become. Thank you, Pastor Grant.

Rev. Thomas Harris came next. I was at university and did not see him much, until I started to see him a lot. :-D. He gave me my first opportunity to “preach” at the annual ladies Thanksgiving service, and the invitations poured in after that. He supports me to this day. Thank you, Pastor Harris.

 Campus Crusade for Christ. I met up with CCC at university and there learned about discipleship and mentoring. I used their material in my television show Eternity, doing a four-part series in growing in God. Thank you to all, but especially Alison Callendar and Aida Hamilton who are both in Heaven.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI) which I affiliated with since childhood and took my training in Biblical Theology. Thank you PAWI.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) who sent missionaries to begin the PAWI, and of which I currently affiliate. Thank you PAOC.

And so fortified over the decades I launch out to speak of Eternity. Teachings and experiences in the power of the Holy Spirit. To Him be glory.

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