Why do I care if Anyone Reads what I Write?


Truth be told, I don’t want anyone to read some of the things I write. Not my journals. Or the letters/emails I sent my husband when we were dating. Especially not the Valentine’s Day card I am writing today.

But I want my books, blogs, posts, and tweets to be read. The communications that career dictate I send. The documents penned to the immigration officer informing that my child has permission to fly with the adult named in the ink.

So why do I care if anyone reads what I write? I look at the scenarios above and it narrows down to this: It’s the medium for creating a paradigm shift for my audience. My reason for writing.

A paradigm shift ushers in change. Change is churned out in words. Words are absorbed through reading.

No reading = no change.

(continued on my guest blog at http://saradavison.org/2014/02/14/why-do-i-care-if-anyone-reads-what-i-write-by-susan-harris-2/

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