Will You Pray for Rwanda?

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Will you pray for Rwanda?

  1. That those who have not heard the gospel that Jesus Christ saves from sin will hear it and respond.
  2. For the love of Jesus to drive out the hate and fear associated with the genocide.
  3. For the refugees who fear to return home due to retaliation, and for host countries to grant them protection.
  4. For the fertility rate to be contained so the population can access adequate food and drinking water.
  5. The natural hazards, for rain to fall and drought to abate.
  6. For environmental issues such as deforestation resulting from the uncontrolled cutting of trees for fuel; overgrazing by animals; land degradation; soil erosion; a decline in soil fertility (soil exhaustion); wetland degradation and loss of biodiversity; and widespread poaching.
  7. For improvement in the private sector impacted by energy shortages, instability in neighbouring states, and lack of adequate transportation linkages to other countries.
  8. For success of the government-led initiatives: to become a regional leader in information and communication technologies, and to reach middle-income status by 2020. Rwanda seeks to attract investment in all sectors, but specifically in agribusiness, information and communications, trade and logistics, mining, and construction.
  9. That the Burundi and Rwanda dispute over two sq km of Sabanerwa, a farmed area in the Rukurazi Valley would be settled peacefully and quickly. Agricultural land is at premium in this overpopulated country.
  10. For the success of the efforts to create civil societies among ethnic groups – loosely associated political rebels, armed gangs, and various government forces in Great Lakes region about boundaries for Burundi, Congo, Uganda.
  11. For continued compassion as Rwanda hosts almost 160,000 refugees as of 2017; nearly all of them escaping conflict from neighbouring Burundi and the Congo. This is a reversal of the culmination of the 1994 massacres, and shows the reciprocity of nations helping nations. How this must please God.

All facts and information about Rwanda are taken from the CIA World FactBook.


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