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Reviews on Amazon

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Hi there, I hope you are having a really great day. I wanted to update you with some reviews that are on Amazon at I would appreciate your review as well. My ebook is only $2.99. My second book … Continue reading



Have you ever taken a loan or mortgage? Did it appear that it was taking forever to repay? During the repayment period, did your best friend redo her living room while yours looked shabbier than ever? Did you wish for … Continue reading

Raking leaves


My daughter and I were raking dead leaves on the lawn during spring cleaning this weekend. I asked her to hold the bap upright so could fill it with the debris. I was responsible to gather the leaves, scoop them … Continue reading

Golden Apples in Silver Settings is now an ebook


Hello: My book Golden Apples in Silver Settings is now an ebook. You can buy it at for only US $5.99. A free sample of the chapters Dream Big and Turning Dreams into Reality is available on the site. … Continue reading

Monday is the Lord’s Day also


“This is the day that the LORD has made, I will rejoice and be glad.” A familiar song from the Psalms. Most people dislike Monday, but Friend, God made Monday for you to enjoy, to live out every blessing that … Continue reading

True Friendship


Friendship is a gift that I consider sacred. David and Jonathan in the Old Testament were loyal and sincere to each other in face of adverse circumstances. 1 Samuel 20:42, ‘Jonathan said to David, “Go in peace, for we have … Continue reading



A breakthrough in technology in 2002 was the cyber knife. The caption was, “GeorgetownUniversityunveiled the Cyberknife this week at GeorgetownUniversityHospital. The latest breakthrough in cancer treatment is surgery with no scalpel, no blood, and little or no post-operative pain. Doctors … Continue reading

God’s Passion, 1&2


 What is God’s passion? First, it is to redeem a lost world. In John 3:16, we read, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son…” Valentine’s Day celebrates love, and God is the universal lover, … Continue reading

Taught to Dream


Dear Friend, dust off your dreams and be mindful that shattered pieces can be restored to wholeness when God steps in. Age is not a deterrent and status can be overcome. Equipped with the mind of Christ, you can give life … Continue reading

God is GOOD


God has a signature mark and it is ‘GOOD’. Jeremiah 29:11 describes God’s plan for us as GOOD, and this is echoed in the pages of Scripture.   The account in Genesis 1 is on creation, and God’s signature mark is … Continue reading