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Book Review on Little Copper Pennies by Reviewer Bonnie Way

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Today, the Royal Canadian Mint will distribute its last load of pennies to banks across Canada.  After that, pennies will remain legal Canadian tender and businesses/banks will continue to accept them, but most cash transactions will be rounded up to … Continue reading

Penny Books on “Esterhazy Online” by Kenneth Kerr


By now we all know that the penny is on the way out. But how many of us would have thought to write a book about it? Melville resident, Susan Harris not only thought about it, she moved into action … Continue reading

Eulogy for the Canadian Penny (1858-2013)

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The Eulogy  Dear Canada and Friends, Many of us struggle with mixed emotions before the face of extinction. Extinction brought through the decision to rid the life of the one-cent piece. For a large number, their appreciation has slowly given … Continue reading