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Review of “Blemished Heart” – author Fern Boldt

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“5 stars and you should read it too, Mom.” was my daughter’s instant response to my question of her rating of the novel, Blemished Heart, written by Fern Boldt. I was not surprised as she had been relating episodes and … Continue reading

Review of LEGACY – Author Mary Hosmar

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When teenager Jake’s mother planned a holiday to the Netherlands, Jake was unimpressed, reluctant and dreaded the upcoming event. Not very different impressions from my teenager, who, when she heard we had planned a surprise trip, immediately guessed it was … Continue reading

Review of “In Time of Trouble” (author N.J. Lindquist)

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“I’m glad I’m not failing school!” Of course she wasn’t but my daughter’s announcement the day before her Science finals gave me pause. Why would she make that statement? In response to my inquiry she explained that she needed a … Continue reading