Review of suspense novel Unknown Enemy

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My interest in Green Dory Inn was piqued when author Janet Sketchley posted some photos of an inn set by the seaside, her research for this suspense novel. The scene was inviting, and my own girlhood days living on an island connected me to this series. Early in the book there is a couple visiting from Saskatchewan, another surprise that endeared me to the book.

I’ve admired Janet Sketchley’s word economy for a long time through reading her posts on social media. Several times she has nailed a word when said adjective evaded me. Anyone who can say much in a few words  is well worth reading. That’s not to say Unknown Enemy lacks details. Far from it. Robins abound on the prairies where I live, so “Staring like a robin listening for a worm” was an effective word picture.  The water in the twin deer hooves was another moment to nod (there are too many to list). How about a cute kitty named Timkin? Sketchley has studied her environment well, and this acumen carries over into the plot and character development. It was interesting to see the list up of suspects grow, and the ultimate resolution which was as satisfying as it was unexpected.

I really appreciated that the “Christian” in the name of the series is indeed Christian. Very early in the book Sketchley introduced the elements of prayer and faith. Coming back to a troubled past is never easy. “Unknown Enemy” shows that the prayer and support of simply one individual can change a life – Anna who prayed for Landon. This concept transcends a novel: it is reality. Ultimately  Landon not only settles a mystery but find her peace as well. Well done, Janet.

Find Unknown Enemy at your favourite Amazon. In the US at   In Canada at

Learn more about the suspenseful Janet Sketchely at her website


Nuggets to Spur Faith

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Hold on to not what the eye sees necessarily but what the heart knows of God. Susan Harris (January 7/20)

The power lies in the small. We eat one bite, move one foot forward, complete one minute. Small changes lead to big results. Susan Harris (January 3/20)

Just as the laws about drinking/ driving, texting/driving are to keep us safe, so too God’s laws – His Word – keep us safe. Susan Harris (January 2/20)

May your visions, missions, goals and objectives be GOD-ALIGNED.
You fade, HE SHINES.
And may you be blessed accordingly. Here’s to plenty in 2020.
God’s promises outweigh your failures. He picked YOU for His glory. Susan Harris (Jan 1, 2020)

One does not have to wish upon a star when one can request directly from the maker of the stars. Susan Harris (December 31/19) 

The Pharisees of Jesus’ day was always on the lookout to fault Him. Yet they never found immorality with Him. Not with women or men. Does warped minds in present day choosing to depict Him in a rotten movie trump the eye witness account of the Pharisees? NEVER. Susan Harris (December 21/19)

There are mixed opinions on whether what we go through are meant to humble us. Scripture points that it is so. Be it sickness, or pain, or shame, or loss, or poverty, or ill repute, each and every situation humbles us, tests us, and reveal what is in our hearts. Humbleness is the state God wants us at, for it is to the humble that He gives grace. Susan Harris (December 20/19)

Deuteronomy 8:2-4 (NASB) –
“You shall remember all the way which the Lord your God has led you in the wilderness these forty years, that He might humble you, testing you, to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not. He humbled you and let you be hungry, and fed you with manna which you did not know, nor did your fathers know, that He might make you understand that man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord.”

Gifts are at the heart of Christmas. We give gifts and we receive them. Though the concept of gifts appears to originate in the world of retail, it is actually a divine order. God gave us the gift of His Son Jesus Christ. CHRIST- the root word of Christmas. Therein lies the origin. When we receive God’s gift we receive forgiveness. We give Him our hearts. – Susan Harris (December 19/19)


Only the Originator of joy can spark it and light it aflame in your life. The Holy Spirit gives true joy. Susan Harris (November 16/19)

“Where will you spend Eternity?” has been the question I’ve asked most over the last year. Usually on Sundays I post a reminder of my television program ETERNITY With Susan Harris. Sometimes, however, the goings on suggest more imminence. Now is such a time. Death redirects us to our own mortality. What comes after death? Where do we go? Is there life after death? And I respond – Life in Heaven or Hell comes after death.

There is only one way to escape the hellishness of Hell, and that is through Jesus Christ. Friend, it is better to have Him in your life and realize that you never needed Him, rather than to realize that you need Him but do not have Him upon death. A simple prayer of faith can bring you in alignment with God the Father, such as: “Dear Jesus, I have sinned and need your forgiveness. I invite you to be my Saviour and Lord. Help me to be the kind of person you want me to be. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins and for giving me eternal life. Amen.”

Friend, if you prayed the prayer and meant it, Jesus is in your life. I encourage you to join a Bible-believing church where you can fellowship with others and grow in your faith. If internet or television is more convenient for you, tune in and grow in Christ. Read your Bible – the gospel of John in the New Testament is a good place to start (there are free websites such as . Pray to God. Ask Him to teach you recognize His voice. Connect with me if you have questions. God loves you. Susan Harris (November 5/19

Some alliances displease God. Jehoshaphat was a good king, yet… Susan Harris (November 1/19)

“After this Jehoshaphat king of Judah allied himself with Ahaziah king of Israel. He acted wickedly in so doing. So he allied himself with him to make ships to go to Tarshish, and they made the ships in Ezion-geber. Then Eliezer the son of Dodavahu of Mareshah prophesied against Jehoshaphat saying, “Because you have allied yourself with Ahaziah, the Lord has destroyed your works.” So the ships were broken and could not go to Tarshish. 2 Chronicles 20:35-37 (NASB)

The hands of the Lord vs hand of man. King David’s choice in 1 Chronicles 21:13b is “please let me fall into the hand of the Lord, for His mercies are very great. But do not let me fall into the hand of man.” Are you facing a choice today? Susan Harris (October 23/19)

“Father God, as we (Canadians) head to the polls to vote for federal leadership, help us to vote for the issues in which we believe, for causes close to Your heart. Let us not be enticed by bribery or reward to cast our votes. Let us not speak ill of those whom we do not support or vote for. Let enmity not come in between those who vote or believe differently. Your word says that the government will be on the shoulders of Christ. Give us leaders who will reverence You and honour Your name through the decisions they make. You know the outcome of this election; empower the Prime Minister-to-be and all leaders with grace and strength to govern us well. Let peace prevail today, and always. Let us be faithful to pray for whoever is chosen and support him/her for You asked us to honour authority. Thank You for being in control. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.” Susan Harris (October 21/19)




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I am excited to share with you my first Christmas production. This blog is a repost of one I did for The Word Guild and was already shared earlier in December. Nonetheless, nonetheless I want to keep my articles on my site. Below the video is a timeline of what you can expect, when. There’s also some photos at the end the page. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.


0.33 Jesus’ birthday cake

1:25 Kids telling what Christmas means to them

3:34 Riddle

4:08 How to use the Bible

4:56 Meet the Konkel Family Band

5:35 Bible reading on Jesus’ birth punctuated with singing from the Konkel Family


18:03 Kids telling what Christmas means to them

21:25 It’s CHRISTMAS with Susan and the Faith Alive Band

26:00 Story time on Read With Smokey (kids)

38:50 Teens on what Christmas means to them

40:48 Riddles

41:20 Kids telling what Christmas means to them

42:07 Tropical Christmas with Susan and singer Sheila Ann Smith

46:07 Smile Break

46:33 Kids telling what Christmas means to them

48:51 Riddle

49:04 Teens on what Christmas means to them

49:46 Bible reading with singing from the Konkel Family Band

54:29 Kids telling what Christmas means to them

55:13 O Holy Night and the Faith Alive Band

1:00:19 Call to Salvation

1:01:42 Vote of Thanks

1:02:44 Kids telling what Christmas means to them

1:03:35 Closing and Credits

Wishing you a happy and holy Christmas season.



















The CP Holiday Train

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It could have easily been a Hallmark movie. 

On the snowy prairies with trees outlined naked against the sky, the Canadian Pacific Railway Holiday Train rolled majestically into small the town of Bredenbury, Saskatchewan on Wednesday, December 4th at 10:15 a.m. The crowd buzzed with joy – excited school children, expectant adults, a dancing Santa, and friendly policemen. It was my first time seeing the Holiday Train in my 22 years living in Canada, and I was as thrilled as the kids.

Me after the show

The goal of the Train is to support the Food Bank. Canadian artistes hold a 30-minute concert (Madeline Merlo and Scott Helman this year) and encourage people to give, for no one should be hungry at Christmas time (or anytime for that matter). A donation of $5,500 was made to the Yorkton Salvation Army by the CP. 

Access7 television (the cable network that airs my show ETERNITY) was present to film the event, and pretty soon an eager bunch of grade six-ers was around me. Everyone wanted to be on TV, and I was asked to interview them. This was super fun. Even the foreign student exchange program  wanted their student to be interviewed. Very cool.

Below is a random video clip and more photos of the  morning, before the train moved on to Yorkton and Foam Lake.

Madeline Merlo

Scott Helman









$5,500 being accepted by the Mayor of Bredenbury on behalf of the Salvation Army for the food drive.






Band members







Santa rocked.

A band member strums his stuff

Decorations up close by day

The Holiday Train – proudly Canadian. Bringing quaint charm to 100 communities throughout Canada.

In Memory of the Hon. Dr. Linda Baboolal

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Photo courtesy Trinidad Express

How often does one get to name the Ag. President of Trinidad and Tobago as a character reference?  I haven’t checked the statistic but I have had that honour. Dr. Linda Baboolal was a referee for my passport (T&T). And it was the last time I spoke to her.

I opened Facebook today only to see that Dr. Linda Baboolal has died. Dr. Baboolal is a physician by profession, a woman of integrity and compassion by nature. I first met her when she attended my youngest brother’s wedding at our home. She was Minister of Social Services then.  She has been like a mother to him, for he raced cars with her husband, Dr. Michael Baboolal, and was a fixture in their home.

Dr. Baboolal is best known for her auspicious career in politics, serving with the People’s National Movement (PNM) party. She carved history in being the first woman to hold the office of President of the Senate in the history of Trinidad and Tobago (2002 – 2007). She  often acted as President of T&T. Dr. Linda was Member of Parliament for Barataria/San Juan from 1992 to 1995. Among her portfolios were Minister of Social Development and  Minister of Health. She was an ardent advocate of health, and women.

The sweetness of Dr. Linda laid in her humility. High rank and accomplishments never shadowed her “down-to-earthedness”. Calling her “Bowjee” or “The Honourable Dr. Linda Baboolal, Ag. President of Trinidad & Tobago” was only a matter of occasion – it did not change who she was. Rather, the character of Bowjee shaped her to care for our nation with true filial love.

Photo copyright TriniView

In 2018 I went down to Trinidad to renew my passport (that had expired a decade ago). Once landed, I was a Canadian alien on my native soil, with no ID to show my citizenship there, no claim to the sand and coconut trees. I had taken Canadian references with me, completely oblivious to the fact that I needed Trinidadian referees whose addresses were on the island. Dr. Michael Baboolal (Linda’s husband and also a medical doctor) had signed my form, so when I had to find referees on the spot to meet the fast track for my passport, Dr. Linda was my choice.

I can still hear the sing-song of our Trinidadian accent as she answered the phone. “Sure, Susan, you can certainly use my name as a reference.” Dr. Linda  then wished me well. I couldn’t have know that it would be my last communication with her on the twin-island republic.

Today, Dr. Linda Baboolal is resting in heavenly peace, healed of the pneumonia that has been stated as the cause of death. My prayers are with her family, her husband, sons and daughters. May the strength she carried to chart a nation, rise to carry them now in her absence. May they live for God so as to reunite in Eternity.

I pray for my brother, sister-in-law, and niece who knew the Baboolals as “family” (and were treated as such.)  They attended many official functions and parties as guests of Dr. Linda.

I pray for our nation that mourns our forerunner, this woman who broke the male-ceiling after decades of independence, the champion of heath and social services that esteemed women, homes and families. Her life gave us women especially the permission to dream, and aspire, and achieve. Living up to the inscription of the Coat of Arms. Perhaps God will permit her to look down from the cloud of witnesses to witness the achievements of  her noble life.

Until I see her in Eternity. With love for Dr. Linda Baboolal.


Citizen of Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago






Fathers – Heroes after God’s Heart

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 We’ll never know how Snow White or Hansel and Gretel’s lives might have played out if their father had echoed the words of the Lord Almighty, “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters,” 2 Corinthians 6:18 (NIV)

Invariably, the fairy tales have portrayed fathers as dead, absent or weak, giving in to a domineering stepmother (which has indoctrinated a negative stereotype of stepmothers and which is a whole different discussion outside this blog). Barring Beauty and the Beast, the fathers have fallen short badly.  As a result the children suffered.

We still see a number of children neglected and abandoned by fathers, but unlike Snow White, the squirrels and deer have not helped with housework or recreation. Who then have helped? Men of calibre – foster dads, step dads, adopted dads and responsible male figures who have stepped in to feed, educate and heal those boys and girls. In these fine men we denounce the myth of the fairy tales and embrace the wonder of the love of Father God. Through men like these children can understand the abstract concept of Jehoveh Jireh our Provider until they can understand the faith walk for themselves.

Today, June 16, 2019, is Fathers Day.  That biological fathers care for their offspring is duty. Obligation! Holding fast to a responsibility deserves credit.

But men who did not produce children biologically, yet show compassion, and give up their resources to raise other people’s children, are the true heroes. Spiritual fathers of the faith that channel lives to Eternity ranks high here too.

I salute your goodness, your kindness. Your true love. Happy Fathers Day.

Straw the Matriarch

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So touching to see the little kitten honour the deceased Straw. Animals are sensitive beyond what we think.

From idyllic island to metropolitan cities to rural farm. From squishing sand with my toes, to squeezing them into pumps, to skirting squelchy mud in boots. Oceans blue tipped with foamy white. Streets buzzing with lights and life. Expanses of serene space.

And barn cats. We’ve had 116 over 11 years. Their numbers shrank even as our bonding grew. Tears falling over the meal for a fattened fox. For the babies that die.

“They’re only barn cats.” The neighbour was patient with my blubbering. “Good for catching mice but multiplying too fast.”

She meant well. The “good for catching mice but multiplying too fast” is but a pendulum that swings too quickly, blurring the useful with the burdensome. They catch the mice that eat the grain and gnaw the boxes and nibble rubber hoses in the equipment. The poop we won’t go into.

The tears fall again. Today  for the matriarch whom we buried last night.

Straw is memorialized in my children’s book in the kitty collage. An Alphabet of the First Christmas.

Strawberry. The beautiful name I picked for the homely stray with the two kittens my brother-in-law had found.

“Every farm needs a cat,” was his simple explanation.

Straw she became, the abbreviation a fit for the lowly fields she roamed. And then it was Traw.

Traw – outsmarted the beasts that devoured the rest.

Traw – from morning to night alongside her master while he broke virgin land, sharing lunch and water. A lone man and a lone cat.

Whitey the kitten had “put on her sunhat, slung a beach bag over her shoulder, and waved goodbye” is how he described it to me. Silver, the other kitten had become a mom herself and was changing diapers. It was just him and Straw.

As he had cared for me he tenderly attended to Traw. Over the last two years she lay in front of the fire or heater and he petted her head. It was all she wanted.

When the vet returned my call yesterday all I had was two words. “She died”. Just as he had broken the news to me.

As it was in the beginning so too it was at the end. A man alone with his first companion as she breathed her last. A holy moment that was meant to be (as allergies prevented me from prolonged contact with Traw.)

I blubber and weep as I write. A death as grievous as if it were human. Our four remaining felines understood the loss, and gathered at the sound of  shovel meeting dirt. Baron paid his last respects by curling up on the site. Afterwards the man laid white stones on the dark earth.

In Genesis 1:24 God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind” (NASB).

It always goes back to the beginning. The One who carries us as we will ourselves to carry on.

Delivering the Valedictory address in Biblical Theology the same day my parrot died

Valedictorian, Biblical Theology. Presented to Susan Harris by Rev. Ricardo Joseph. 1991

In 1991 my pet parrot died just hours before I delivered the valedictory address at graduation in Biblical Theology on the idyllic island of Trinidad. I blubbered and sobbed up to minutes before the ceremony. Few knew why I was as sad as I was but I delivered the speech well. On Sunday I have to deliver the sermon at Melville Pentecostal Church on a prairie city, and I know it will also be well.


Strawberry was with us from Spring 2008- May 15, 2019.

To Shakilla with love

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Shakilla, your name means beautiful and your physical attractiveness attests to this. But you are beautiful on so many other levels.

Since Zanifa messaged me on Tuesday that Fareed had passed away, you have been perpetually on my mind. I’ve known Raghunath Singh’s family since I was young,  and you and Fareed since our days at Iere High School. We were all teens, then went on to become teachers. I left Siparia Senior Sec for Canada, and you went on to be principals at other schools.

You had a wonderful life with Fareed, and two handsome, intelligent sons. God’s will had aligned for you perfectly. Though Fareed is gone and memories ought to focus on the one who passed, my heart grieves for you, with you. So I write to you, friend of my youth. Fellow teacher, my table mate in the staff room, I pay tribute to you in this post. Because words of comfort and appreciation, words of gratitude, are best spoken when one is alive.

You were the glue of the social gatherings at school. You remembered everyone’s birthdays and ensured that there was cake. You planned the Christmas lunches and end of year parties, and collected money for gifts. You spearheaded my going away luncheon at the Chinese restaurant in Siparia. I scrounged up some pictures from my albums- the first one is of a few of us we took at one of the luncheons when I was leaving. Interestingly, you and Zanifa are on either side of me, with Karen. After I returned and completed my contract, you coordinated the second going away party. (Annie was also leaving and we are both sitting on the chairs. And for those who know him, our principal Rohit Ramkisson, now deceased, is in the picture with me in the red dress.)

Shakilla, you are a people-person with relational skills that few could match. You included everyone in our limes, and diplomatically handled those who disagreed. You had spirit and spunk which was always exuded with grace. Kindness and generosity marked your life, as it does to this day. In fact all the qualities I’ve mentioned above stand out, refined only by age.

After a long, long time, we connected on Facebook last year. Last year also I visited Trinidad and went down to Point Fortin to pick up my passport. Someone had mentioned that you were the principal at a school in Vessigny, so en route we stopped in to see you. But that was not your school.

I’ve prayed for you continually since I heard the news on Tuesday, and I will continue to pray. I shed tears for you because I did not know how you would carry on. I felt I had to write to you, about you. Zanifa has been very helpful in keeping me informed, thanks Zan, and I hear that you are a trooper, a strong woman, and this reassures me. Death is hard at any level, but there is an added helplessness whenever I hear of a death of someone I know, and I’m so far away.

I pray that the arms of God will continue to be your strength, that you will call on Him at anytime to uphold you, knowing that He will. May the memories of your late husband be your comfort; the special times embedded in your heart will never fade or grow dim. I pray that you remember that your tears are collected by God and bottled in Heaven (Psalm 56:8) and one day there will be no more tears. But until that time cry when you will, for your husband, your gift from God is a treasure to be grieved. And remember Eternity awaits.

I pray that from the ashes of Fareed’s death- literally ashes from a cremated body- you will rise like the Phoenix of Greek mythology, more beautiful and radiant, brilliant and purposeful. That the latter days (post Fareed) will be greater that the former days as stated in the transferable promise in the Bible.  How that looks will be unfolded, and we hold on by faith for it.

May your children call you blessed, and may you be their steadfastness as they draw from the incredible woman that you are. And may you be supported by them.

Shakilla, your name means beautiful, and you are a joy to Father God. I am proud of you.

Your friend,


P.S. Shakilla, I read your comment on Fbook “my heart is breaking but I take comfort that he is free from the pain and suffering he endured over the last two years…” I know too well about pain and suffering through challenges with my own health. I’ve added this PS to let you know that I’ve seen the other life, Heaven and Hell, and I’ve written my story of miraculous healings in Touched By Eternity which is being released in mid-April. Release from pain is indeed a blessing.

Who Shaped my Christian Growth?

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Who shaped my Christian growth?

Last night while driving home on Hwy 16 I was worshipping in the car and God spoke to me to honour the men, His servants, who have taught me in church ( hence the post). He also showed me a picture. A bottle of olive oil. The bottle is brown (like me, 😀 )and it is full of oil. I could not see the entire bottle as the focus was the neck. The word was that I am full to my neck. My physical neck is symbolic of the bottleneck, and a bottle cannot be filled beyond its neck. It is now time to pour out.

Rev. Elmore Anthony was my pastor during my elementary years (up to age 11 or so). Faithfully he drove to our home weekly to take the children in our family to Sunday School. Church service followed. The pews were hard and the hours went at snail’s pace to my child’s attention span. Yet I remember so clearly one of his sermons- someone dipped a branch in a river and the water became sweet. I asked my mother what this meant and she explained the miracle of the bitter waters at Marah becoming drinkable as God instructed Moses to dip a branch. (A river ran next to our house and I had an idea- can you guess? 😀 ) What I know now is that I was being filled, slowly and deeply with the Word, in each service. This reservoir goes deep, deep, deep. And I draw from it today. Thank you Pastor Anthony.

Rev. Ashford Nimchand became my pastor during my high school/teenage years (after Pastor Anthony moved on). By now I was more mature and active in my faith. The youth ministry bloomed strong, the Sunday School and church services filled and fed me more. The use of Greek and Hebrew in the sermons are methods I use to this day. The pews were still hard but I hardly noticed it. I continued to be filled and the reservoir deepened even more. Thank you Pastor Nimchand.

Rev. Martin Grant came next. I was away teaching, then at university so my time with him was limited. I used to write plays/skits for our youth group then, and after one production at Christmas he lavishly praised my skills set and vision for the work of the Lord. More and more filling, this time for the writer I’d become. Thank you, Pastor Grant.

Rev. Thomas Harris came next. I was at university and did not see him much, until I started to see him a lot. :-D. He gave me my first opportunity to “preach” at the annual ladies Thanksgiving service, and the invitations poured in after that. He supports me to this day. Thank you, Pastor Harris.

 Campus Crusade for Christ. I met up with CCC at university and there learned about discipleship and mentoring. I used their material in my television show Eternity, doing a four-part series in growing in God. Thank you to all, but especially Alison Callendar and Aida Hamilton who are both in Heaven.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI) which I affiliated with since childhood and took my training in Biblical Theology. Thank you PAWI.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) who sent missionaries to begin the PAWI, and of which I currently affiliate. Thank you PAOC.

And so fortified over the decades I launch out to speak of Eternity. Teachings and experiences in the power of the Holy Spirit. To Him be glory.

#TouchedByEternity #TrueStory #Heaven #Healing #Angels #honouringmenofGod. Originally posted on Facebook

Why Me to Write/Speak on Heaven, Healing, and Angels?

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What are my credentials to write a book about Heaven, Healing, and Angels? What skills and expertise do I have? 

In addition to my confidence and the fact that I am the expert on myself (what happened to ME) here are some facts: (Posted on social media March 5)

1. I am trained in Biblical Theology. In fact, I delivered the valedictory address at graduation, the honour given to the student who scored the highest average mark. (I’m being presented with the trophy in the photo by Rev. Joseph.) 

2. I am a trained teacher with distinction in the Teaching of Social Sciences (grade A) from the University of the West Indies. I held a teaching certificate in Trinidad for secondary school and a Professional A teaching certificate in Saskatchewan for K-12. 

3. I have post-graduate education which establishes my ability to conduct research and communicate intelligently. I can reach educated people as peers.

4. I hold a B. Sc in Management Studies with honours from the University of the West Indies.

5. I hold a certificate in Human Resources & Industrial Relations from Athabasca University, and won the scholarship for the student with the highest scores (scored all A grades). 

6. I have a diploma in Writing from the Institute of Literature.

 7. I’ve written several books which have been successful, and host a show on cable televison entitled ETERNITY.

8. I have preached the gospel for three decades to all strata of society. I can meet the simple, the broken, and the flawed because I’ve been there.

9. I am empowered by the Holy Spirit, who has no favourites and will use anyone who makes themselves available. The Lord has opened doors in secular work and “religious” ministry alike that all equipped me for writing the book Touched By Eternity. I give the Father, Son and Holy Spirit the glory, and pray to draw many to Christ. 

 Pre-order PRINT book HERE

Ebook available for pre-order at