little copper pennies

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little copper pennies

little copper pennies

Susan Harris has connected with the true essence of the penny beyond its monetary value. She has skillfully woven humour, nostalgia and factual expressions into simple stories we can easily identify with in our own lives, and appreciate in the lives of others. Her brand of storytelling takes us on penny-journeys from its inception to present 2012, the year of the final minting of the coin. She effectively articulates the benefits as well as the reasons for discontinuing the circulation of the penny.

As an educator for approximately thirteen years, having to understand and apply knowledge to make the abstract a reality, a paradigm shift occurred whilst I read this book. I will never view the penny as insignificant or intangible again! Whether you are Canadian or not, you will be inspired to view your country’s lowest currency through fresh lens. The penny has a powerful legacy that is just waiting to unfold…read and see for yourself.”

KAREN BEEKEE, B.Sc. Mathematics
Teacher, 1995-2009

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“I am quite impressed with this book, little copper pennies: Celebrating the life of the Canadian one-cent piece (1858-2013). What a trip down memory lane it was for me. In my opinion, it is the perfect mix of history and the life of the penny today. The use of characters to share the history was very well done. I really appreciated the inclusion of some of the household uses of the penny; some of which I had heard of and others I had not. I remember seeing pennies get flattened on the train tracks, which during my years, was considered an innocent game.

Throughout the book I was able to get to know the penny personally. Susan brings the penny, called “Copper” to life, and enabled me to look at the “lowly” penny in a completely different light. I also found the facts and “games” to be very intriguing and thought provoking. The inclusions of these items, as well as the many facts of the penny, certainly give the book an educational factor.

I could see this book becoming a resource for schools, in particular in grade 5 Social Studies, as the Saskatchewan curriculum at that grade level deals with Canada. This book could also be used at the grade 12 level in Canadian Studies. The inclusion of the chemical composition would allow chemistry teachers to utilize it and the rounding facts would fit well in a math lesson.

Due to the significance of the penny’s retirement, I would recommend that this book be placed in every school library in Canada, as it would allow readers to trace and follow the history of the penny from its inception to its retirement. The penny is something that may be gone, but should not be forgotten due to its place in Canadian history and development.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to review this book, so much so that I’ve pre-ordered copies for all the schools in Good Spirit School Division.”

Superintendent of Program Development
Good Spirit School Division
Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada

It is absurd for a many of us to imagine that we could buy a pony ride, ten minutes of parking time, three jawbreakers for an afternoon of bliss, or perform repairs with a penny. We can’t imagine it, but many of our older generation can. In fact, they do not have to imagine, they remember.

Drawing on her experiences, interviews with various age groups and research, Harris recounts stories of the Canadian penny that are both heartwarmingly nostalgic and pragmatic. little copper pennies weaves symbolism and creativity alongside actual settings in portraying the adventures of the eliminated coin and its once-upon-a-time worth in trade and pastimes, especially as it affects the older generation, cash users, sentimentalists and children.

Yet this book is more than adventures and tales. It is a legacy with a message. Through the memories, debates and facts, the author not only hones in the riches-to-rags life of the penny steeped in Canadian history, her experience as a school teacher also motivates us to acquire knowledge, remember and to educate the new generations of the little coin’s power.

You’ll be moved by the stories, conveyed to the past, and inspired to appreciate the penny through new eyes.

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