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Avocado Taco Bowls

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Susan Cooks  Avocados contains the good kind of fat. Scoop out the seed and fill it like a taco for a tasty and filling meal anytime.  Preparation time: 20 mins  What you need: 2 avocados halved ½ minced meat (I … Continue reading

Chicken Fettuccine

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Now this casserole is sure to please the fussy and the avid eater alike. And anything that is one dish is a winner. All you need is: 1 small Chicken ½ pound Fettuccine 2 cups grated Cheese 1 can Cream … Continue reading

Eulogy for the Canadian Penny (1858-2013)

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The Eulogy  Dear Canada and Friends, Many of us struggle with mixed emotions before the face of extinction. Extinction brought through the decision to rid the life of the one-cent piece. For a large number, their appreciation has slowly given … Continue reading