Does God know Our Thoughts?

It was not the afternoon I was anticipating.

Inching back to school after lunch, I perspired freely in my black Nissan in the blistering tropical heat of 36°C. The air condition unit had broken down and I was not looking forward to the next three periods of the day. Surely the breeze wafting through the aluminium shutters that stretched from wall to wall in every building that 3000+  students and staff tenanted would be refreshing, but that would be later, and I needed to feel settled now.

On arriving to school I went to the office to sign in for the afternoon. “Excuse me, Mrs. Harris,” a courteous voice interrupted my heated thoughts. “I’d like to talk to you. Could you wait in my office?” I smiled my assent at the principal and stepped into his office.

An air-conditioned office.

I sank into a cold leather chair. I felt my spirit settle.

I had not prayed for this, but the thought had been in my heart. A desire placed by God Himself. For in Psalm 37:4, His word promises: Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart. (NIV)

This means God is the one who places the very things we think about in our hearts (the good things). And when He does, it’s because He’s already lined up the answer. Why? Because YOU matter. I’d encourage that you listen to your thoughts, track the outcomes, and see your faith fly. Be blessed today.

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