Intro Music for TV series ETERNITY hosted by Susan Harris

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Finding unique music that was mine alone for the intro of my show ETERNITY was quite the task. I’m a writer, a cook, a Scrabble player, kitten girl, but no musician, and especially not a singer. I never even led worship in all my years of Christianity.

That’s when the Holy Spirit brought to mind the music that some of you have now heard, released privately today. My oldest brother Ronald was a singer, songwriter, preacher, teacher and television host among other things. He was killed when a driver went through the red light at a traffic crossing on the Churchill Roosevelt Hwy in Trinidad in 1998. He created the tune to the the music I used for my Intro. He never recorded it but as a young teen I remembered the tune and the words.

I then wrote my own lyrics for Eternity, and sang it (as much as could be considered singing by me , taping a little video for music teacher Barbara Waldbauer of Melville to transcribe into notes. She did an amazing job.

I sent the Intro to my siblings just now. My oldest sister wrote back that she remembered Ronald singing and playing it on his guitar. She wondered how I got it into music.

The photo of us is the last one I had of Ronald. It’s taken at Piarco airport as he dropped me off to fly back to Canada in July 1998. At the end of August a phone call announced his death.

 Ronald told me several times that my speaking ministry had an international flavour. In fact, I dedicated my first book Golden Apples in Silver Settings to him with that reminder, for I wrote the book in Canada in 2011- international as he had prophesied. Ronald sometimes drove me to speak in Trinidad, and he often remarked how non-churched people would approach the churches and remain on the curb and listen to me. Other stayed on their porches. He waited on the outskirts praying a barrier around me, and would hear the conversations of people about the little preacher lady. All wonderful comments that I would not have known otherwise. (It’s three decades since I’ve been teaching/preaching God’s word.)

Eternity takes on a new meaning as I tie Ronald’s gifting to mine’s, all for the glory of God. How humbling, how honourable to have this legacy of my brother Ronald who waits in Eternity for us. Though he is gone he lives through the music that will announce the show Eternity, which I always end with an invitation/prayer to Eternity before the same music closes it.

I can’t wrap my mind around the enormity of the impact of the what the show and the book will have, but it will be good, just as God is good, because I do this for HIM.

A 50-second unlisted clip of the music and intro to my show ETERNITY is found HERE

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