Introducing Author Ruth L. Snyder

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It’s great to have you here, Ruth L. Snyder. Welcome. You are from:

Glendon (the pyrogy capital of Alberta)

Tell us about your book: Cecile’s Christmas Miracle – Christmas, Christian contemporary fiction; No matter where we are, God wants to work in and through us to minister to others.

Favorite flower? Roses

Summer or fall? Definitely summer!

Print book or ebook? It depends. I prefer to have print copies of non-fiction books, but really enjoy reading ebooks on my iPad.

Something’s that overrated? Olives

What do you do to relax? Read

When did you discover your calling as a writer? Although I’ve enjoyed writing since I discovered that letters can be combined in a meaningful way, I didn’t call myself a writer until a few years ago. In 2009 I won first place in the God Uses Ink contest. The prize was a free conference registration for Write! Canada. I decided maybe God was trying to get my attention and wanted to use the ability He gave me.

Books are you reading now? Living So That by Wendy Blight, Summoned to Lead by Leonard Sweet, The Singing Quilt by Kathi Macias, Neighbors series by Tracy Krauss

If you had to choose, which ONE writer, past or present, would you consider a mentor? Lynne Smith. She was my instructor for a novel writing course with Longridge Writers Group. She shared how she squeezed writing into her life, encouraged me to be there for my kids, and taught me practical skills about writing.

What is your philosophy for life? Forgetting what is behind, and pressing on for Christ. (Philippians 3:8-14)

Outside of writing your dream job is? Teaching Music for Young Children, which is what I happen to be doing. The children invigorate me and I end the day with a smile on my face.

Cecile's Christmas Miracle cover You were inspired to to write your first book because? It was partly a challenge to myself – I had never written anything longer than a couple thousand words. Cecile’s story started with a prompt for a Fiction in Five contest. When I received an invitation to participate in a Christmas series, I decided I wanted to expand the story. Now people are asking for a full-length novel with the same characters.

Advice for writers? Make time to write every day. Aim to be a life-long learner. Teach yourself to be observant—we’re surrounded by material to write about.

New projects in the works? Yes. First, a Twitter manual for writers; second, series with Helping Hands Press – The San Francisco Wedding Planner; third: a full-length novel set in Canada about an engaged Ukrainian couple; and fourth, a full-length novel with Cecile and Colin, the main characters from Cecile’s Christmas Miracle.

 Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to take away? God is with us wherever we go and He doesn’t make any mistakes.

How can we connect with you?

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Thank you, Ruth.



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