Little Copper Pennies for KIDS – Revised from Borealis Press July 1, 2014

REVISED EDITION from Borealis Press – Little Copper Pennies for KIDS is a keepsake picture book of the Canadian penny. Revised JPG Borealis

With a reading level for Gr 1-3 and few pages at Gr 6 level, this book is intended for a child to grow up with (hence the different reading levels. If it is written for kindergarten, then by age 10 they would have forgotten the penny). My intention is for the book to be read to children until they can read more words each year, and reading it on their own by grade 5-6.

In addition to children, teachers use this book in elementary school and adults buy it for themselves and their senior relatives.

Little Copper Pennies for Kids is a layered book, with 5 layers:

– the main storyline of the grandfather and child depicted in rich colours of fall

– the past depicted in the pictures on white background with headings in red

– the rhyming scheme on pastel background to cover the language

– the blue bubbles to identify activities (carried on in blue letters at the end)

– the history pages and Author’s Note in regular font.

Amazon 5***** reviewers say:

“… Susan includes activities and games to use the pennies and extra information for older children or parents who are reading the book. This would be an excellent resource for teachers and homeschooling parents.”

” A lovely book your children will adore and treasure.”

“…As an educator, I value the author having embedded non-fiction into the narrative story and the addition of a rhyming element to the text delights young readers. This book deserves nothing less than 5 stars and is a book that should find a home on a shelf in every school library and child’s bookcase.”

“This book is a trip down memory lane for older people too, and I own a copy even though I am no longer a child…”

“… gives value to life and your kids would like to know when growing up how important a penny was for you as a parent and the stories you can tell your kids about the penny.”

“… Since I have enjoyed the original “little copper pennies” book I have purchased a number of sets of both books to gift to family and friends…”

“Kids are instantly captivated with this catchy book!”

“… I bought this for gifts as generations growing up now will not know about this special 1- cent piece…”

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