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My show ETERNITY on Access7 cable television is linked to my book Touched By Eternity. Here I ponder life’s most vital question “Where Will You Spend Eternity?” and share on the controversial topic of life after death. Each week I end with a call for salvation through Jesus Christ.


I’ve had three near-death experiences(NDEs), miraculous healings, visits to Heaven, Hell and other parts of Eternity, encounters with angels, and visions. I discuss these occurrences with what the Bible says, and research by medical people and authors at large.  The show features lively singing and music, a children’s segment called “Read With Smokey” (my kitty), a teaching from Scripture, interviews with guests, and prayer for a country and viewers of ETERNITY.

The singing is done primarily by award-winning recording artist and songwriter, Rachel Dancsok.




Have questions about the afterlife?                                                                                

Know of anyone who had a near-death or out-of-body experience caused through pain, surgery etc? Drop me a line HERE . I’d love to hear from you.



WILL THERE BE PETS IN HEAVEN? Show #1 on Access7 “Eternity”

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