Raking leaves

My daughter and I were raking dead leaves on the lawn during spring cleaning this weekend. I asked her to hold the bap upright so could fill it with the debris. I was responsible to gather the leaves, scoop them up and fill the bag. Then I’d rake again, bend down and repeat the process until the lawn was clean. As I dropped an armful in, Radiance let go of the bag to grab some leaves that were falling on the sides. As you can guess, the bag crumpled and the dry vegetation was merrily scattered. The thought came to me that this is a parallel to repentance. Jesus asks us to give Him our sins. All we have to do is stand there and say “Lord forgive me.” He does the rest. Sometimes though, we believe that we need to help Him. Friend, Jesus needs no help. He delights in raking in the sin, bagging it and casting it into the sea of forgetfulness. He is responsible to make white those sins that Isaiah penned, are scarlet. When we try to help, we interfere instead. Be blessed today.

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