Review of LEGACY – Author Mary Hosmar

When teenager Jake’s mother planned a holiday to the Netherlands, Jake was unimpressed, reluctant and dreaded the upcoming event. Not very different impressions from my teenager, who, when she heard we had planned a surprise trip, immediately guessed it was to Mexico and consequently acted unimpressed, reluctant and began to complain vocally. Except Mexico was really Hawaii and I purchased “Legacy” by Mary Hosmar for her to read while in transit.

But Jake, like my daughter, would experience a metamorphosis. Arriving on Christmas Eve to a snowy, cold, dreary cemetery in Amsterdam, Jake has no clue that he will uncover his past, a history that was impossible to feel had he spent Christmas Eve in equally snowy, cold Canada. Hosmar, a former teacher, blends education, history, geography and family ties in the melting pot called “Legacy”. My daughter thought the author’s use of flashbacks to tell the story was “cool”. She learnt a number of facts about both countries, especially the Netherlands, comparisons and contrasts, and thinks it is a great way for students – and anyone- to find out information about other lands and cultures without having to resort to textbooks. She found Jake’s mother’s upbringing and life in Amsterdam, poignant, and developed an empathy for the woman born out of vicarious living as “Legacy” unfolded. The same was true for Jake, only his understanding was a hundred times more effective.

My daughter found another connection in the book. Her parents were born in another country and exposed to a different way of living and life in general. She has visited my birth country numerous times, and each time it has stolen a piece of her heart and affections, and her appreciation for the island has blossomed. She was thus happy that Jake had an opportunity to experience his mother’s homeland, albeit it is far different scenario from her fun-loving island vacations. She is even interested in visiting Amsterdam as a result of reading this book. She thinks it is a book suitable to any age a group and hope you will enjoy it as much as she did.

Mary Hosmar Legacy

(Note: I did not read but rated it and wrote the review as my daughter described.)
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