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My interest in Green Dory Inn was piqued when author Janet Sketchley posted some photos of an inn set by the seaside, her research for this suspense novel. The scene was inviting, and my own girlhood days living on an island connected me to this series. Early in the book there is a couple visiting from Saskatchewan, another surprise that endeared me to the book.

I’ve admired Janet Sketchley’s word economy for a long time through reading her posts on social media. Several times she has nailed a word when said adjective evaded me. Anyone who can say much in a few words  is well worth reading. That’s not to say Unknown Enemy lacks details. Far from it. Robins abound on the prairies where I live, so “Staring like a robin listening for a worm” was an effective word picture.  The water in the twin deer hooves was another moment to nod (there are too many to list). How about a cute kitty named Timkin? Sketchley has studied her environment well, and this acumen carries over into the plot and character development. It was interesting to see the list up of suspects grow, and the ultimate resolution which was as satisfying as it was unexpected.

I really appreciated that the “Christian” in the name of the series is indeed Christian. Very early in the book Sketchley introduced the elements of prayer and faith. Coming back to a troubled past is never easy. “Unknown Enemy” shows that the prayer and support of simply one individual can change a life – Anna who prayed for Landon. This concept transcends a novel: it is reality. Ultimately  Landon not only settles a mystery but find her peace as well. Well done, Janet.

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