The Gold Standard

Friend, are you willing to leave the past things behind and let the rubbish fall? Think of gold, for it to be classified as tangible and real, the metal must be in the majority. 10K gold jewellery is not true gold as it is 14 parts of other metals and 10 parts of gold (the gold is a minority.)

14K gold has 10 parts of other metal and 14 parts of gold.

18K gold has 6 parts metal and 18 parts gold.

24K gold has no other metal, it is wholly composed of gold. 24K gold is soft and malleable and can be shaped easily.

Using a spiritual parallel we can say that Christians come in karats of gold. How does one move from 10K Christian to 24K Christian? Gold has a melting point of 1064 degrees Celsius, and a boiling point of 2807 degrees Celsius. As the heat increases, the gold rolls to one side and the waste matter moves to the other side. Likewise, heat is what makes the Christian move to the gold standard. Dear Friend, heat is symbolic of the tests, challenges and suffering  of this human life. Character is formed and you are made into who you are.  Do you want to go higher with God? The higher you want to go, the greater the anointing you want to move in and the more deliverance you want to experience, then the price is 2800 degrees  heat. Remember that you do not go through this alone: Jesus is in the fire with you.

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